Pacific Recruitment Project Team Leader at Pacific Housekeeping

Recruitment Code: TBGTD-1978
Position Type: Full-Time Permanent
Group work: Hygiene / Trees / landscape environment
Number of employers: 2
Deadline: 13/08/2016
Job Description
- Organization and control split shift schedule, the position of staff working in the organization;
- Organization of the first meeting to update cases, dissemination of information for staff;
- Synthesis demand for supplies, tools, reception and staff allocation;
- Report on the work of the organization and periodically report to the management of emergency services directly.
- Control and supervision of staff performing operational tasks in accordance with the list, procedures, standards and implementation guidelines prescribed by the Company;
- Control the quality of sanitation services and beauty area assigned by the standards of each area;
- Control and supervision of landscaping, property, equipment, tools and supplies to ensure standard operation;
- Control the activities of the contractors within the management area;
- Cooperate to receive information and work processing the request from the department;
- Check and control tools and supplies, chemicals, supplies and daily consumption;
- Constantly improve, enhance professional skills for employees in the organization;
- Perform other duties as assigned by the CBLD;
- Participation in social and cultural activities of the Group and the Company.
- Graduated Intermediate
- Minimum of 02 years experience working in the corresponding position in the urban areas, hotels, condominiums, office buildings. Knowledgeable housekeeping hygiene, cleaning public areas and the urban landscape, ...
- Enthusiastic, hardworking, detail, careful
- Observation skills, communication skills
- Problem-solving skills
- Basic communication English
- Salary, bonus and other welfare schemes, attractive remuneration; are particularly encouraged to use the system's advanced services Pacific Group.
- To improve professional training
- Is working in a professional environment, dynamic and effective
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