Villa beside the river will bring more wealth for homeowners

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Currently, in the big cities a villa can cost up to tens of billion. Spending such a large amount, in addition to the factors of price, buyers are now also attaches great importance to the feng shui elements.

When buying a house or villa, first and foremost it is the choice location. In urban areas in the big cities there are now many villas built are intertwined between the high-rise apartment buildings.

However, according to feng shui concepts, low-rise housing below the buildings are vulnerable to oppression, because it will shield gas yang, yin can easily occur. Besides, the house is located in the surrounding architecture are very high will feel crushed, pinched, cramped uncomfortable for people in the house.

The villa overlooks the river will bring fortune to the owner.

Therefore, when buying homeowners villa priority should buy the mansion in the area quiet and cool in the suburbs, open area, fresh air, lush greenery. In particular, the mansion was built next to a lake or a river ... bring plenty of aquatic locations and owners of wealth.

The concept of feng shui, water doorstep street called hydro convergence, ie the water is blessed by scouts symbol of happiness. To create charming scenery for the house, the house from time immemorial according to Eastern culture are domestic factors.

Currently, due to limited land area, replaced by a pond, the villas are usually designed to add a small fountain or small artificial streams front. The water jet soared implied desire for wealth to many.


The flat land is one of the important factors to create a villa good feng shui.

Topography, should prioritize places flat, firm structure. Delta where note choose location located in high, dry place, avoid damp is easy to "gas gathering", where mountainous and midland then select a lower position opposite bowl-like depression in order to enjoy that, "museum style ".

Besides, the landscape around the house is also very important. Front view of the house should not waste places, containing waste gas as easily be unclean, deviant gas from entering the house. Before the house also should not be large trees, poles or obstructions language project, which obscured vision led to the light, the air is difficult to flow.

One thing to note when selecting the land for villas villas have planted many trees. Trees in the villa's belt to prevent toxic gases keep fresh air along with the water conditioner to relocate climate position, not only that planting more trees around the villa will give homeowners a relaxed, quiet following static pressures of everyday life.

And toward the villa, located in the main house should choose direction. That is the main direction of the South, the North, the East, the West, the West North-East South, the East North-West South. In addition to the right direction with the fate of the owner, user mansion door to do to take advantage of natural light sources, to reach the fresh gas flow sand brought great benefit to health.

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