The layout is suitable for narrow spaces

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Living in a small, cramped space is no longer unfamiliar to the inhabitants of big cities. So how to save maximum area to have spacious living space, comfort is a lot of people are interested. The following ways of hoping to help your home, even if it is so small, has become the most living space.

1. Set up the loft as an ideal getaway for the landlord

With homes with height advantages, the layout of the mezzanine as a resting area is the smartest option. In addition to adding living space, mezzanines also create beautiful views and help space in the house is forwarded and increased air flow to the interior.

Intelligent designs help keep the small house spacious
bat dong san Ha Dong 1

This apartment area is only 22m2 but thanks to intelligent layout with a loft as a place to rest, the space below is a kitchen, living room, dining table makes space very small but spacious and very convenient.
bat dong san Ha Dong 2

bat dong san Ha Dong 3

Especially the house has 2 bedrooms. A single room is located on the first floor and this is a large bedroom in the loft.

2. Use multifunctional interior, integrated

Multifunctional furniture products are always chosen by small homeowners because of their usability and space saving. With bed designs combined with wardrobes, stairs up and down as well as cabinets make sure will make your room becomes neat, brighter than ever.
bat dong san Ha Dong 4
Only a small corner of this area but the owner has owned a house with full functional space. Living rooms, kitchens, toilets are arranged below. A private resting place is brought up.
bat dong san Ha Dong 5

3. "Transform" the functional space when not needed

Using "transformational" furniture in the apartments, limited space space will help you ensure enough functional and comfortable, but still have reasonable space and meet the aesthetic requirements.
bat dong san Ha Dong 6

This small apartment makes the viewer have to be surprised with the kitchen corner transformed hidden behind the folding doors to make the house more visually pleasing and airy. Many people are curious to know that this house does not have a kitchen.

However, lightly pulling a folded wooden door, a kitchen area appears. But the night just gently pulled the wooden wall back, lowering the bed from within the wall out to have an ideal private bedroom.

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