Sales of automobile manufacturers worldwide accumulation of 100 million vehicle milestone Honda officials

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Tokyo, Japan, December 22, 2016 - Honda Motor Japan announced the group had reached a cumulative 100 million cars produced worldwide.

Honda began producing cars in 1963 with the production of mini truck T360 - mass production model of Honda's first plant in Saitama (* 1). That same year, Honda began producing a small sports car factory in Hamamatsu S500 (* 2), Shizuoka Prefecture. In 1964, with the goal of continuously moving forward in automotive production to maximum capacity, Honda has raised the entire production techniques and technological know-how to build the first factory specializes in Honda automobile manufacturing - plant city Sayama Sayama (* 3), Saitama Prefecture. The new plant began operations with the production of a small sports car S600. Then in 1967, Honda began producing cars N360 - the first small car by Honda. Since then, Honda has been continuously increasing the number of cumulative production along with the expansion of the product portfolio, typically the global models have been well received and appreciated by customers worldwide as Civic , Accord, CR-V and Fit. Moreover, the models for each region of the world have also been developed to suit the specific characteristics of each market trading.

Since being established, Honda always deployed operations with a global sense of activity in all areas. 1969, Honda started production of small passenger cars and minivans N600 TN360 in Taiwan with the signing of the technical cooperation agreement with a local company. It is also engaged in production of Honda's first automobile abroad. Moreover, with the aim of improving international competitiveness, Honda has actively expanded into the international market and started producing cars Accord in Ohio in 1982, marking the cell production Honda Automobile's first overseas branch was made by the local company. Accord became the first passenger car (* 4) are produced in the US by a Japanese carmaker.

Driven by the philosophy of "innovate products close to the customer" as well as non-stop efforts to bring these products to meet the needs of customers around the world in a timely manner, Honda has expanded automobile production activities to other regions of the world including Asia, Europe, South America and China. in recent years, Honda set goals to pursue a flexible production system and complementary mutual advantage of 34 automotive manufacturing plants in 18 countries and territories around the world. Thanks to promote flexible mechanisms producing this, Honda has achieved sales milestone cumulative automobile production up to 100 million car in September 2016 - the 54th year since the company began production of automotive operations.

Honda will continue to leverage global resources to constantly bring attractive products, bring joy to customers worldwide.

Share of Mr. Takahiro Hachigo - President, CEO and Director of Honda Motor representation

"Thanks to the support of customers around the world, we were able to provide the market with 100 million cars of all types. The passion of the founder of our company - people always want to support everyone in daily life and pursue pleasure rider was positive legacy by employees Honda, they always see it as a starting point for the production of Honda cars. Honda will continue to innovate the product more attractive, with the goal can bring joy for the next 100 million customers. "

* 1: Currently the Honda Wako Building in Wako, Saitama Prefecture
* 2: Currently the Transmission Plant
* 3: Today's Car Factory affiliated Sayama Saitama Factory
* 4: Honda's internal research

【The main landmark in the journey to 100 million cumulative sales of Honda cars】

Founded in 1948 Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

1963 Began production of mini trucks "T360" at the Saitama plant

1969 Started production of vehicle assembly "N600" and "TN360" in Taiwan (first production overseas Cars)

Started production of "N360" in Malaysia

1975 Began production of "Civic" and other models in Indonesia

Achieve 1978 cumulative sales of 5 million units worldwide

1982 Began production of "Accord" in the US

Achieve 1983 cumulative sales of 10 million vehicles worldwide

1984 Began production of "Accord" in Thailand

1986 Began production of "Accord" in Canada

Achieve 1990 cumulative sales of 20 million vehicles worldwide

1992 Began production of "Accord" in the UK

1994 Began production of "Civic" in Pakistan

Achieve 1995 cumulative sales of 30 million vehicles worldwide

Started production of "Accord" in Mexico

1997 Began production of "Civic" in Brazil and Turkey

Started production of "City" in India

Achieve 1999 cumulative sales of 40 million vehicles worldwide

Started production of "Accord" in China

Achieve 2003 cumulative sales of 50 million vehicles worldwide

2015 Began production of "Accord" in Nigeria

Achieve 2016 cumulative sales of 100 million units worldwide

After 10 years of presence in Vietnam market, by the end of November 2016, Honda Cars Vietnam has sold more than 50,000 vehicles to customers hands. This proves that the brand Honda Cars Vietnam is increasingly customers trust and choose.
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