Quang Binh: Please clarify investor capacity, avoid "land gold" inactive

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"Please clarify the capacity of investors to occupy the gold land, slow progress of construction" is the conclusion of the Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Quang Binh People's Council, Mr. Hoang Dang Quang at the answering session. Representatives of Quang Binh People's Council, XVII session, held on July 13.
View of the fifth session, the People's Council of Quang Binh province XVII

According to Tran Phong, Director of Quang Binh Department of Natural Resources and Environment said: In 2016, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment petitioned Quang Binh People's Committee to withdraw 11 projects behind schedule. By 2017, the unit has checked and discovered that 23 projects are in danger of being delayed, and will report to Quang Binh PPC for guidance.

In the areas known as "golden land" in Dong Hoi city, 11 of 32 projects have been completed and put into use, 6 have been reinvested and are speeding up the construction progress, 10 projects Delayed progress has been committed to completion in 2017.

In addition, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Quang Binh added that no investor has been assigned land but no investment or speculation land.

Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of Quang Binh People's Council, Hoang Dang Quang said that the policy of calling for investment is correct, but considering each specific project, the introduction of land for investors, projects have not yet. Thorough evaluation leads to some slow progress. Even poorly qualified investors are asking for investment in "golden land" but they are not allowed to land and keep the land and then move the law to other companies for profit.

Mr. Hoang Dang Quang concludes, "In the coming time, the Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee will listen to the plan and listen to investors deploying projects in Bao Ninh commune, Phong Nha Township to review."

There are many reasons why gold lands are slow to develop. But in order to avoid a "blanket" of gold, the first thing banks have to do is re-finance the project. In addition, Quang Binh Provincial People's Committee needs to clarify the capacity of investors before assigning projects.

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