Land use fees are the "burden" of businesses and consumers

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This is one of the 12 recommendations of the HoREA (HCMC Real Estate Association) at a meeting with the mission of the Central Economic Commission on July 26.
According to Le Hoang Chau, HoREA President, land use fees are a "bottleneck" of the real estate market, which is a "burden" for businesses and consumers to "buy". At the same time, the "unknown number" of transparency that investors can not predict before deciding to invest. It is also a negative environment and creates a "ask-give" mechanism.
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HoREA works with the mission of the Central Economic Commission.

In order for the real estate market to function in a market economy, HoREA recommends changing the land use fee calculation scheme to reduce housing costs, increase transparency and eliminate the "ask-and-give" mechanism. "On the real estate market.

"Since the Land Law of 2013 has had a positive impact on the economy and the real estate market, it has contributed to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of land users and improving their management capacity. State on the land field. But after 3 years of implementation, there are still many defects that need to be amended and supplemented.

Therefore, HoREA proposed amendments and additions to some contents such as changing the mechanism of land use project calculations to reduce housing costs, increase transparency and eliminate the "ask-give" On the real estate market; Allowing the investor to transfer all or part of the project from the moment after completion of the project clearance; To permit the mortgage of land use rights and assets owned by them attached to land at banks overseas, but when the disputes occur, they must be handled according to the laws of our country; Specific mechanism for implementation of the regulation "land acquisition for socio-economic development for national and public interest", and regulations on auction of land use rights of the project; To manage and use the land fund under the river and river protection corridor ... ", Mr. Chau suggested.

Talking about the use of land fund in the river protection corridor, Chau analyzed: During the implementation of the development projects of urban areas, residential areas, investors are often assigned to the project boundary. There are many projects that have been completed and put into use, and investors are usually building walls to protect the project, not responsible for investment in the land fund of the river protection corridor.

This has resulted in the land fund area of ​​the riverbank protection corridor not being invested, not embankable to protect against erosion, not to build riverside roads, including walkways, parks, The service works for the social community, so it does not bring in great resources for this land fund, and reduces the value of the urban landscape.

Therefore, the Association recommended amendments and supplements to the Land Law stipulates that the investor is assigned the project land boundary to the edge of the river bank. At the same time, it is responsible for the construction of bank embankments, riverside roads, parks, green areas, community service works in the land fund in the river and river protection corridors. Use according to the regulations of the competent authority; For land funds under the old river protection corridors, there should be mechanisms and policies to encourage the investors of such projects or invite investors to invest in and exploit. Business to use land funds effectively and serve the community.

At the meeting, representatives of enterprises also mentioned difficulties and difficulties in the process of investing in real estate business. For example, a motorbike in an apartment is under the common ownership of a resident, but it is unreasonable to calculate the revenue for the purpose of calculating the land. Or if the investor is involved and won the bid, be selected as a BT investor. This investor will receive a return on investment, but if the Land Law (Article 118) is required, the project must also be approved by the auction. In this case, if the newspaper of the Prime Minister is very much, although BT project investors are "standard" as prescribed.

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