Land prices around Diamond Island increased rapidly

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The land price of Le Hien Mai Street near the new bridge over the island of Kim Cuong (HCMC) has increased by nearly 80% compared to the beginning of the year.
Gachvang Co., Ltd. has just announced the price of land roads located around or leading to the bridge through Kim Cuong Island in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, just started in the early days of September. The floor is expected to create a new traffic direction, releasing congestion for the eastern traffic line of Saigon, Dong Van Cong Street and the area around Cat Lai Port.

After the city moves to announce and start the construction of this new infrastructure project, land prices for some roads in the wards of Thanh My Loi and Binh Trung Tay have been racing to establish new land prices, despite the fact The density of homes in this area is still sparse.

According to the research of this unit, land prices in front of Le Hien Mai Street, Thanh My Loi Ward, have increased by 78% compared to the beginning of the year and led the streets with the most aggressive price fluctuation around the infrastructure is about to cross Diamond Island. From 52.28 million m2 per square meter at the beginning of the year, current land prices have jumped to VND93 million per square meter.
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The bridge over the Diamond Island is expected to be completed by 2019, but has now increased the price of surrounding land. Internet photos

The arterial supply of district 2 near the Diamond Bridge over Dong Cuong Island and Mai Chi Tho has also increased 56% and 44% since the beginning of the year, respectively, recording 61-75 million dong each. m2.

The pair with Le Hien Mai, Truong Van Bang Street, also in Thanh My Loi Ward, has increased by 30% compared to January 2017. It is currently the highest value street in the area surrounding Diamond Island, touching the threshold of 96 million per m2. Also on Truong Van Bang road, passing through Binh Trung Tay ward, the price of land from 52.2 million dong has hit 65 million dong per m2, up 24%.

The remaining routes such as Ta Ta (79.6 million per m2), Le Huu Kieu (42.7 million m2), Nguyen Van Kinh (61 million), Dang Nhu Mai (71.7 million) Bat Nan (61.3 million), also has a price range of 14-30%.

Gachvang added that the sharp rise in land prices of roads around the bridge over the Diamond Island is in February-April 2017, coinciding with the spread of land fever in Ho Chi Minh City. The time of this new infrastructure is widely publicized. This unit forecasts that, in the next 6-12 months, land prices around Thanh My Loi and Binh Trung Tay wards could continue to trend upwards due to the expectation of infrastructure.

Le Chau, real estate broker specializing in area 2, Ho Chi Minh City for many years, said that the price of land around the bridge crossing Diamond Island has increased significantly in the first eight months of the year. , but this is mainly the offer price. Actual deals can be negotiated at moderate or lower rates.

According to Mr. Chau, the two areas of Thanh My Loi and Binh Trung Tay wards are still superficial, but in reality, the land fund has been owned. The land here is in the hands of investors even speculative numbers. These objects are often waiting for new waves of infrastructure to raise the price of their profit-taking land, which in part adds to the price of land around the bridge over Diamond Island.


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