Honda cars are 3/10 contributed the rich countries buy most US 2016

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Can you believe that wealthy people often unruly with more advanced things, this may be true, but for a car, the rich really do not choose the flashy and daring as to what people expected guess.
Of course some of the rich will choose the Ferrari, Lamborghini or any latest exotic cars, but most of them choose vehicles no difference with the average income in the US.
Analysts surveyed Edmunds in vehicle registration papers of the car since the beginning of 2016 so far with household incomes over $ 250,000, and the results show that, instead of the imported luxury carriage , the ten most popular models, up to eight SUV, a model son and a truck. Among them, Honda continued presence 3 names include Honda Pilot cult, Honda CR-V and Honda Accord
Honda 6

Honda Pilot
Honda 7

CR-V is a version of a leader in the segment of US sales. So its presence in this list are not surprising. Car has just been replaced by a new generation version will surely continue the success of its predecessor.
cr v

Unique sedan version of this list. With ample space, more equipment and motivational components, vehicles equipped with attractive package to any household does, especially for those who afford the more expensive things a bit.

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