Hanoi withdrew 148 villas from the management list

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Le Van Duc, director of the Hanoi Department of Construction, has admitted to loosing villa management and said he would withdraw 148 villas from the management list.
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On the morning of July 4 th, at the 4th session of the Hanoi People's Council, Le Van Duc, director of the Hanoi Department of Construction, admitted to loosing villa management and said he would withdraw 148 villas from the management list. .

Presenting the report on the adjustment of the list of villas, Mr. Duc said, the city People's Committee has set up evaluation council and two interdisciplinary working groups. After appraisal and evaluation, the City People's Committee reported to the People's Council adjusting the list of 970 villas in Resolution 18 in the direction of: Proposal to put 20 villas out of the list and identified as residential axis; Put 2 villas out of the list and identify as townhouses; Put 3 villas out of the list because of statistics twice; Adjusted 22 villas into 29 villas (increased by 7 villas previously owned by 2 separate twin villas but joined in some houses); Adjust the address of 51 villas; Identified 123 demolished villas are now vacant or have been rebuilt into tall buildings.

Thus, after adjusting, Listing 970 Villas of Resolution No. 18 will have 853 villas.

With the list of 225 villas in Resolution No. 24, the City People's Committee proposed to put 3 villas out of the list and determine that the house architecture is; Adjusted from 9 villas to 5 villas, the former has two houses numbered in two villas; Adjusted address of 11 villas. After adjusting, this list left 218 villas.

In the examination report of the City People's Council, two boards, namely the Legislation and the Urban Department, that the revision of the list, correct errors and additions to the villa discovered and removed from the list of villas. Breaking, building other works, is no longer the villa to the City People's Council decision of the City is appropriate and necessary.

To get more information for the City Council resolution on the 123 villas listed in Resolution 18 dismantled, including some have been built, some are empty cells, two boards suggested the City People's Committee The report clarifies the limitations, shortcomings, causes and responsibilities of agencies and units in the management of villas over time, solutions and remedies.

In the supplementary report after verification, the Hanoi People's Committee continues to request the City Council to submit 24 villas without documentation to prove that the competent authority has allowed the demolition, approval of projects or construction permits. Out of the list of villas in Resolution 18 and managed under planning with unlicensed villas and empty plots after the villa was demolished. Thus, the villa list attached to Resolution 18 after the adjustment is 829 villas.

Delegates are not comfortable press the button ...

Meanwhile, Nguyen Hoai Nam, Chairman of the Legislation - People's Council of Ho Chi Minh City, said that the verification report of the City People's Council asked the People's Committee to clarify the shortcomings, deficiencies, causes and responsibilities of the agencies. , Units in the management of villas over time, solutions, corrective measures. However, in the response report of the City People's Committee did not see this content.

"If we can easily pass today's Resolution, tomorrow will continue to withdraw the villa out of the list, I hope the Chairman of the City People's Committee commit to this People's Council by the key before the city leaders, District authorities have not yet taken responsibility for the demolition of the listed villas. President committed to help NE peace of mind when pressing, "- said Nguyen Hoai Nam.

According to Nam, out of 123 villas, nearly 70 villas were built before the time of the Resolution and there were things to do at the request of government agencies that were approved by the Government. Nearly 50 are left because we do not manage well. "I really want this time to not lose anymore," Nam said.

Addressing the issue, deputy chairman of the city's People's Committee Nguyen The Hung asserted, villas with Hanoi are very valuable constructions heritage with the capital, especially in the historical metropolitan area.

After 1954, all these villas were put into use management, including the central and central agencies of Hanoi. Many villas are used improperly, such as arranged offices for domestic offices, foreign offices, diplomatic offices, and then divided to officials who are citizens of the capital to deal with. Accommodation, even as a business base for businesses in need ...

Legally, by 2007 the new government has a management decree. Later, the Ministry of Construction built the Construction Law, circular guiding some issues related to the letter.

"In the process of implementation there are inadequacies in policy and practice, the management has since relaxed, in management, in the organization of adjustment, rebuild ... Currently many residential villas Also issued a red book at home in the lands, "Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee explained.

In implementing the Resolution of the Government, the City People's Committee in 2008 has actively developed Resolution 18, and assigned the Department of Natural Resources and Environment based on the record to build the list of 970 villas. There are many inadequacies in identification and evaluation. From this flaw, the list of 225 villas under Resolution 24 of 2013 also continues to have many inadequacies.

With all such errors, TP has entrusted the City Inspectorate with comprehensive inspection of what the People's Council has discussed, made and recommended during the term XIV.

The City Inspectorate also concluded the 2899 and Legal Committee of the People's Council oversight of this conclusion. The Department of Home Affairs assigned by the TP to assume the prime responsibility for examining the responsibility of organizations and individuals for mistakes in the process of listing and organizing the licensing, even the inspection committee has dealt with in some localities. Related to the licensing work in these villas.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung emphasized: "TP determines that this is the responsibility of the People's Committee in the performance of assigned tasks and authority. Along with the adjustment, the City People's Committee continues to determine the responsibility will be to manage the list well after adjusting, investment and renovation of these villas in accordance with the regulations.

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