Adjust the land use planning of Nam Dinh province to 2020

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The Government has just issued the Resolution 135 / NQ-CP adjusting the land use planning up to 2020 and the final land use planning (2016 - 2020) in Nam Dinh province.
dat nong nghiep nam dinh

According to the plan, by 2020, Nam Dinh province has 107,655 hectares of agricultural land, accounting for 64.03% of the province's land area. Among them, 65.437,93 hectares of rice land, accounting for 38.92%. In addition, there are 20,940 hectares of aquaculture land; 8,894 ha of land for perennial crops; 550 ha of salt making land

The non-agricultural land area is 59,798.93 hectares, accounting for 35.56% of the province's land area. Between 2016 and 2020, 8.266,29 hectares of agricultural land was converted to non-agricultural land.

Basing itself on this Resolution, the People's Committee of Nam Dinh province shall have to organize the adjustment of the land use planning up to 2020 and the land use planning for the end of the 2016-2020 period, including the revision of the planning. of the branches, sectors and localities in the province which use the land for unifying with the adjustment of the land use planning up to 2020 and the land use planning for the last period (2016 - 2020) of the province; The implementation of land use zoning and land use planning must be closely aligned with the requirements of socio-economic development and national defense and security in the province.

In addition, the boundary and public areas of rice, protection forests and special-use forests should be strictly protected; To regulate the allocation of resources, first and foremost, the state budget, ensuring the benefits between regions meeting the conditions for development of industries, urban centers and services with areas reserved for cultivation of rice and forest land; To adopt policies and appropriate measures to reduce production costs and increase incomes so that rice growers can be assured of their production; To increase investment in social infrastructure and technical infrastructure, ensuring uniformity and uniformity among regions.

The Nam Dinh Provincial People's Committee needs to manage and use the land in accordance with the plan and plan, especially the area that will change the purpose of land use to focus on economic development and economic restructuring in the direction of developing the service. , to increase revenues for the state budget; promote the auction of land use rights. To encourage the use of land economically and efficiently, to overcome the abandoned land already allocated and leased. To organize the close management and supervision of the land fund which is planned for the development of urban centers, industrial parks, industrial clusters, non-agricultural production and / or business establishments in order to economically and efficiently use land funds. To restore unbalance in the structure of land use between residential land and land for the construction of technical and social infrastructures as well as requirements on environmental protection.

To intensify the inspection and examination of the management and use of land to prevent and promptly handle violations in the implementation of land use plannings and plans; resolutely not resolving land allocation, land lease or land use purpose change in cases not included in the land use zoning or planning; To handle cases where land has been allocated or leased but not used or used for the wrong purposes according to the provisions of the land legislation.

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