Which direction for real estate investment enterprises in 2017

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The real estate market in 2016 is considered to be volatile in all segments. In that context, the trend that will follow in 2017 is still a mixed story. Which direction for real estate business owners in 2017?

With many strategies in business, business owners can change the look of product structure, as well as flexibility in payment methods for customers. On the market there is a phase difference supply and demand, lack of small apartments but large apartments. Therefore, the business can change the strategy to split the apartments to improve the liquidity of the project.

Instead of traditional payment methods, customers can pay, pay in advance and pay the rest for several years at a reasonable interest rate. In addition, different strategies can be distinguished from competitors in the market such as after sales service, customer support, interior decoration, etc.
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Most Vietnamese businesses do not have much research and market research so far, so they do not know the information about the demand of consumers to provide suitable products. In times of crisis, businesses should focus on one or several potential market segments.

Investors should aim at projects that apply energy technology, green environment, synchronous utility and environmentally friendly.

Regarding capital mobilization solutions, in the context of financial market in our country, banking credit remains the main source of capital for real estate businesses. Estimated, the investment capital in this field in our country now has more than 60% from bank loans.
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There are many projects, the loan rate is up to 70-80% of total investment with a duration of 15-20 years. However, the investment enterprises still face many difficulties in capital because the interest rate is quite high and it is difficult to access capital from credit institutions when they can not pay their old debts.
Many projects are under construction inadequate capital to continue to implement because home buyers do not pay more. Therefore, enterprises must increase the mobilization of medium and long-term capital of banks, combined with increasing the use of short-term capital. At the same time, it is necessary to establish and improve the quality of information channels on the real estate market, as a basis for banks to appraise projects and assess the payment capacity of the investors.

In the long term, businesses need to attract capital on the stock market, from customers, or call on financial institutions to contribute capital to invest, strengthen joint venture to invest in Each part of the project.
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The real estate market in Vietnam still has great potential for development in the segment of office for lease, retail space, complexes, condominiums, housing for foreigners ... Enterprises can petition to Local and central governments shall issue preferential policies for attracting foreign investment capital into their investment projects.

In summary, businesses need to accurately assess business cash flow, improve credit monitoring policies, establish mechanisms for banking bankruptcies, and establish research and development centers. Real estate development (R&D) as well as potential in the property market will be invested to attract capital into the project.

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