Some principles to know before buying a home

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Buying a home is a big thing for life, so it is very important. Not necessarily the house must be big, beautiful, but must ensure the 6 things below so you never regret your decision to buy your home.

Legal issues

Before buying a home, should find out whether the house is legal, whether the house is in dispute, in the area of ​​road expansion, planning, clearance or not? In fact, many depositors in the district asked to know that the house was planned.

About the area of ​​the house

Need to see the diagram in the house papers and actual measurements to evaluate. If there is a need to break old house to build a new house, need to ask carefully is allowed to build, maximum how many floors, meet your needs? There are many houses are built solidly three floors but in the new planning will be cleared.
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About the texture

Texture is a very important factor in evaluating a home. Should ask for old design records or not. Sometimes concrete floors are just dummy castings, textures made simple to sell. Many people after buying a home believe the seller can lift a few more floors but in fact not work.

Besides, it is necessary to change the function of the house to suit the new owner. When looking at your home, you should consult with the existing architectural consultant whether the requirements are met.

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