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As a leading corporation in Vietnam in the areas of Real Estate, Finance, Commerce, Construction, Automotive, Education ..., Thai Binh Group would like to give you advice on the golden rule at the beginning Real estate. Location is the top criteria to consider when investing in your property. The problems of planning, road is also one of the factors that have a significant impact on the success of the deal.

With land, the location determines the property at any price range, according to the route. The location of apartments in the apartment will be in the high-end or popular segment. With resort property, the location off the coast also decided to resort 3-5 stars and rent. The location also determines office buildings, commercial centers of Grade A or lower grades.

What kind of planning should real estate investors avoid?

Hanging planning is a situation where land use planning has been planned, but is not progressing or even not progressing. Hanging planning takes place in the context of localities announcing the planning of industrial parks, hi-tech processing zones, special zones and economic zones; Technical infrastructure planning; Aquaculture area; Ecology, new urban area and garden villas ... but not done yet.
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In fact, many areas, zones and clusters have been approved but there are no investment projects, or very few projects, or there are many but not many ghost projects (projects for land but not implemented ). This causes the landowners in the planning area to lose their land and lose their cultivation land. While many landfills have been abandoned for many years because of no project implementation. Persons who have houses and land in the planning area are restricted from major repairs, restrictions on construction rights, water supply and drainage infrastructure not fully invested and compensation and resettlement delayed. Therefore, real estate investors are most prone to crashes planning suspension.

Factors that can "blow" house prices surge

Infrastructure is the factor that can make a sudden profit for real estate. Investing in apartments, land, townhouses, villas ... receiving waves are still widely applied in the major cities of Vietnam. Housing prices in many major cities, especially Ho Chi Minh City has increased dramatically thanks to infrastructure. Prices are up to 15-30%, even higher, including flood protection, larger road launches, bridges, additional overpass systems, new roads, trans-boroughs.

The most distressing thing when investing in an alley

Because it is difficult to have a high profit opportunity, the big house in the alley is recommended not to invest. However, this is not the most dangerous situation yet. In case of buying a small house and get hung in the alley, the investment rate falls into the danger zone, the risk of loss is very high. The reason is that the construction is limited due to planning that causes the property to be undervalued. The certificate shows the alley planning is difficult to trade and is prone to force prices when selling. Moreover, the suspended alley planning is difficult to determine the time this planning was cleared. Therefore, investors have lost a lot of opportunity costs in the meantime.
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Which real estate investment has the lowest value but the highest profit margin?

You probably know that agricultural land is the most primitive type of property so it is cheap compared to all other investment channels. In order to invest in this type, buyers often convert their use into residential land. If successful settlement, investors can separate land, build houses or transfer. Through many stages of completion of legal procedures, property values ​​will increase. If the agricultural land investment under this process is successful, the profits will surpass the investment in residential land, apartments, villas, townhouses. However, the risk of agricultural land investment is not small due to legal procedures and planning. Hopefully through this article, Thai Binh Group has brought you the useful information in housing investment.

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