Why investors shy to social housing segment?

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In 2017, while many "big" in the real estate sector (real estate) are racing to participate in the affordable housing segment, many investors (CDT) another still proved quite shy despite being in favor of both markets and policies. The cause is still due to the construction of affordable housing requires large input costs, the cheap price, many provisions not clear ... that the Investor not very exciting.
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Not too salty

According to statistics of the Ministry of Construction, in 2016, developed country of 0.5 million m2 of social housing (NOXH) metropolitan area, bringing the total area NOXH urban areas reached 3.3 million m2 . However, demand is still great NOXH because of the demand for housing is 80% of people can not afford to pay themselves under the market mechanism. According to statistics, in HCM City currently has about 476,000 households do not have stable housing or are living with relatives. According to calculations, the demand for social housing townspeople 2020 was 81,000 units.

Before a series of strong potential investors in the real estate sector "rushed" to exploit deeper into affordable housing segment, with time the supply of apartments priced under $ 1 billion in Hanoi is very scarce, part much is the cost apartments on 2 billion. 25.1 days, the Prime Minister issued Directive No. 03 on accelerating development NOXH. In particular, ask chairmen of provinces and cities under central authority shall be responsible for creating a favorable environment for land, administrative procedures ... to mobilize the enterprise (company) real estate business, companies have use more labor and participatory development investment NOXH.

Thus, despite the huge demand, the policy of the state is also very "open" for the development NOXH. However, in fact, the construction NOXH still face many difficulties and problems. Not to mention, many enterprises are still not too keen on affordable housing segment.

Talking to Labor Newspaper Reporter, Mr. Ngan Van Professionals - Deputy General Director, GFS Group said, in the long term, at present, the Group also has several plots can build NOXH but in 2017, the projected the Group's real estate project is not directed at this segment that the immediate focus for medium segment - advanced.

Explaining this, he Professionals said: "This issue needs a long-term perspective and analysis in many angles, aspect. Social housing segment currently being social concern but implementation depends on the vision and the strength of each company ".

Mr Chow Chee Fan - CEO also said Gamuda Land, may, many investors now have different strategy and would like to focus on groups with low-income customers. However, business strategy remains focused Gamuda Land deploy its strengths is the high-end products.

He Professionals said, with expensive real estate projects in the city such as Cau Giay, Thuy Khue ... if the investment in the medium segment will suffer losses immediately, because the cost of land is very high. "On the other hand, the construction of affordable housing in the city center will be a lot of problems arise. Although state support policy but the method of determining the price and the profit norm is not clearly defined. Therefore, enterprises are still considered "- he said Specialist.

In addition, he Professionals said that in the city there are many buildings degradation, calling for construction CDT on again but still could not do, because of inadequate policies and requirements of the people owning old apartment. He Expert evidence, in case people still insisted on paying the 1st floor 1st floor, 2nd floor case lies 40m2 to 80m2. Investor calculate and identify inefficiencies that losses will not invest.

On the other hand, many other real estate companies said the major hurdle when building NOXH are many projects in outlying, remote planning should complete lack of infrastructure. Regarding loans, defined only the approved projects are eligible for the loan policies of banks or the Bank for Social Policy ... Besides the incentives for creating CDT NOXH up segment, there are still many barriers such as legal proceedings, or the connection preferences ... infrastructure hinder the process of completing the procedures for preparation of investment projects NOXH.

Promote the development of leasing NOXH

At the meeting to summarize the work in 2016, plans to deploy missions in 2017, the Ministry of Construction also admitted, NOXH development work yet to meet actual requirements. The deployment of a number of programs to support the development NOXH under the decision of the Prime Minister has been slow compared to the plan; mobilized many economic sectors and social resources to invest in building NOXH.

The reason given is the Ministry of Construction budget for development is limited NOXH led to a policy of housing assistance under the provisions of the law are not implemented in time, the crossbar, while also lack of mechanisms and policies needed to attract social resources, create stable sources of capital for real estate market. Encouraging and attracting economic sectors to invest in building NOXH remains difficult due to low profits, not enough clean land and favorable location.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Construction said that the key task in the coming period is to continue restructuring the real estate market, associated with the implementation of the strategy the national housing development, overcoming of phase supply - demand and develop a variety of residential real estate commodities, to promote the development NOXH rental. At the same time, implement programs effectively support key NOXH; NOXH promote the development of urban areas, housing for workers; strict control of the planning and use of urban land for development NOXH.

Especially speeding renovated old apartment. Creating favorable conditions for businesses and people to actively participate in the development NOXH, commercial housing prices are lower.
Linh Linh (Labor)

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