Why Ho Chi Minh City is slow to renovate old apartment

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The story of renovating the apartment has been available for many years, however, until now it has been delayed due to many reasons. According to experts, to solve this problem, the parties should sit together and solve the conflicts and difficulties arising from reality.
Need a common voice in evaluating the quality of old condominiums

According to Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep - former deputy director of HCM City Department of Construction, want to renovate the old apartment must check which type of apartment, if type D (apartment damaged seriously, It is necessary to dismantle the new construction and other types will continue to use.

One case was announced by the Chairman of the People's Committee of District 4 in the area of ​​the formerly inspected apartment building, which is D type that needs to be demolished for new construction, but recently re-tested, there is no need to break it. From this story, the two sides of a problem are not excluded here: investors do not want to hit the building to rebuild their business strategies. They force, even invite the units to do the subjective evaluation, but in fact these units have the capacity to limit and not properly evaluate the actual situation of the old apartment.

That is very inadequate, so requires the State to calculate how to avoid the story that occurs. Therefore, when the unit comes to assess the quality of the old apartment, there must be representatives of the Board The collective of the apartment together with the unit evaluation and monitoring to be objective objectively honest, quality apartment. Evaluation results must be exchanged for discussion, not the unit to do it and then conclude writing reports like dams, dams without dams are not dams.

According to Mr. Hiep, the quality of detached houses is falling apart as many apartment buildings do not have enough money to hire independent auditors, on the other hand the local authorities are pressing for funding. Out to do, which has spent money to do it has hidden away, which is hidden in terms of procedures.

"Because you are not open to the people, while the people are masters because of the property of people that people do not know, it is wrong. The second case has the impact of investors: People want to smash that area to compute the story of their real estate projects, the more they have to avoid the language. Investors want the words in this real estate project must sit together with the people to agree on the price of compensation for clearance, not when assessing that collapse is to break, "he said. strong.
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According to Mr. Hiep, Hanoi's renovation of apartment buildings is slower than that of other provinces due to the fact that there is no common voice between the investor and the people owning the properties of the apartment. For example, My residence is degraded, worth the dam, not living anymore. So where is my relocation? Where is temporary resettlement while waiting for the rebuilding of the new apartment? How long will it take me to get back? When I came back, what price did I buy or what was rented and why? ... The answer to these questions was still unclear.

Besides, it does not exclude some people in the collapsed apartment they are too demanding, not just the agreement is exhausted. Investors also do not explain thoroughly to people understand because they do not know how much money to pay for people.

There are many projects that, when refurbished, do not make housing anymore, investors need to know how much compensation price to calculate the investment economy is beneficial or not. The government does not reach the market price. To compensate the people and also the people "shout" price so high that investors can not be agreed.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Thanh, Chairman of Global Home Management Joint Stock Company, said that when renovating old apartment buildings, people need to know the cost and time of project implementation. Need to know the location of the resettlement apartment in place, the cost has to calculate how the price for the larger area. In addition, the resettlement rate is allowed to be transferred without actually binding mechanism. From there, the secondary market changes the goal of the project, leading to disturbance of life.

In fact, we can not afford to pay market prices based on the legal basis of how it is. How do people follow, not the price then people complain about the price. Legal, demanding higher prices than market compensation rates.

The current regulations come here is clogged because no one dare to deal with, no one dared to issue the decision of coercion but one collapse is the consequences. This is also the bottleneck that causes the regeneration of the common. Old housing delays implemented in the past.

Create mechanisms that arise from reality

According to many experts, in addition to issuing general regulations such as increasing the coefficient of land use, increasing the height of the building, investors also need to create the mechanism arising from reality, that is to create the complete mechanism .

For example, people living in apartment buildings of different categories, such as those who are renting state-owned houses, have already sold their property. These objects need to clarify whether people get to the old place or not, what price? That is not to mention, when compensating other prices, selling other people can not afford to buy, ie indirectly chasing people away. If you stay in the market, it will cause smuggling to the project, affecting the profitability of investors, how this problem solved.

How will this work out, how the state policy created mechanisms to solve the inadequacies of renovating old apartment faster. At present, the State does not completely remove the new zone to go to increase the coefficient of land use increase height.

In addition, when investing in a project, investors must consider many factors, the most important factor is the profit, otherwise the investor will not do. Although state regulations have improved the criteria, but encountered the market is not good, investors do not dare to work out because the output is not so the project is certainly slow.

In that case, investors have paid for compensation but then asked to withdraw, will the State return investors money? If not, investors wait ", so the old apartment Stomping in place.

"Therefore, in renovating old condominiums, there are many difficulties that require the authorities to join the Central Party, as it is very difficult nowadays. Investors, not the real estate market, are frozen by the government. The government must create a mechanism but the government can not do it. That mechanism is the mechanism that arises from reality. If the government is embarrassed, workshops should be organized to get opinions from many people, from investors to experts. On that basis, there will be satellites to come up with a feasible solution to accelerate the renovation of old condominiums, "said an economist.

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