Townhouses bustling commercial investment season

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Two years ago, "wave" ongoing investment "landing" on the Square lands with a series of super-trillion project, as the project typical golf Tuan Chau - Ha Long, International Ship Port Week Chau, complex commercial services Tuan Chau tourism Marina blocks the first coastal city in Vietnam.
Thanks to the advantages of geographical location, synchronization of infrastructure, Quang Ninh to see the appeal of his intense in attracting investment. In recent years, Quang Ninh constant is the destination of the "big" real estate at home and abroad.

Can mention as casino entertainment complex scale to 2,000 ha in Van Don with a total investment of US $ 4-5 billion, industrial parks Dam Nha Mac 3.170ha services about 530 million, the project stay Phoenix nursing (Van Don) 250 million; Ha Long highway - Van Don - Mong Cai, a total route length of about 2.52 billion 153,3km.

Notably, the company Tuan Chau Marina is investing heavily in complex commercial travel services Tuan Chau Marina - project first coastal city in Vietnam with 32,000 m2 size, consists of 293 apartments found development in the form of townhouses and luxury hotel complex, with the area of ​​foreign and domestic utilities unique area.

Located in a strategic location, close to the cruise ship port of Tuan Chau International, is currently the only cruise port is included to visit Halong Bay. (On 01/01/2016, Halong cruise terminal was officially transferred to the Tuan Chau Tau Europe - Europe's largest artificial ships in Asia) and the number of tourists flock to Tuan Chau average of 8 to 10 thousand visitors / day, the number of tourists will increase in the tourist season, led to the demand for services such as restaurants, bars, cafes, Lodging ...

Tuan Chau Marina shophouse ownership, customers are in the hands of attractive investment opportunities with the real profitability of the lease business premises or order that apartment owners are right to creative freedom in his apartment space and maximize utility.

Following the success of Phase 1, Ltd. Tuan Chau Marina continues to launch phase 2 of the project. With the number of only 30 houses close to the seaport city of Tuan Chau same luxurious and spacious 2 main facade is a great business opportunity for investors to know you seize opportunities. The total project size of 32,000 m2 including commercial townhouses and luxury hotels.

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