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Contrary to the projection scenario given in 2016, the real estate market recorded impressive turnover of townhouses and villas in Q1 / 2017. In particular, the type of urban villas in the East will be evaluated as the focus of investment.
Impressive figures
According to the Savills Real Estate Market Report of the first quarter of 2017, the market for townhouse townhouses reached 2,600 units, up 25% over the same period of 2016, with a total of 74% in the East. Expected, from Q2 / 2017 to 2019, the market will receive an additional 14,200 units from new projects and the eastern districts are expected to account for 55% of total future supply. The majority of transactions come from open-ended projects with sales strategies that are tailored to the client and meeting the construction schedule. The rise in prices of townhouses and villas is also explained by the leverage of the infrastructure of the area, enhancing the connectivity between areas in the city.
Thu Duc District also quickly became a bright spot for investment in the East after many years of "silence", because there are many clean land funds and a strong development of infrastructure, urban transport.
The trend of investment in the city is throne
Experts say, housing products breakthrough both in terms of business and living space, outstanding features are being absorbed by the market at high speed. Compared to the purest commercial townhouses, the ownership of a multi-functional, multi-functional, multi-functional, multi-functional, multi-functional, multi-purpose townhouse will provide residents with peace of mind in terms of liquidity. Of the property.
Seen in the trend, Van Phuc urban area (Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc District), which is being developed by the Group, is introducing a new villa-style townhome. Both business and living convenience with standard area of ​​7m or more. According to the owner, with the design of 2 facades of 7m each and more and the ideal backward ground floor, Van Phuc street villas not only overcome the disadvantages of the old style urban area, as planned. Overall, pure living space, narrow facades ... but also compromise the commercial value and versatile use.
Van Phuc street apartment overcome the disadvantages of the old style and reconcile
Be commercial value, flexible settlement and investment

Located in front of National Highway 13, with 3 sides bordering Sai Gon river, Pham Van Dong is only 1km away, Van Phuc urban area is considered as strategic economic center of Thu Duc District. Convergence of strategic location in the inner city, convenient transportation network both in road, water, iron and air and many other outstanding advantages, Van Phuc satisfied even the most difficult customers.
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Van Phuc urban area is closed with 3 sides bordering the river, satisfying
The most difficult customers

In addition, 198ha of Van Phuc project is enclosed by the Saigon River and the inner-class facilities that are few in the inner city such as: Southeast Asia Ho Chi Minh 21ha, largest riverside park Saigon 3.4 km long, 2 km landscape canal, the largest landscape lake in the inner 16ha has brought unique scenery and natural air conditioning.

It is expected to kick off the world-class Ocean World Ho Chi Minh at the end of 2017

With the expected selling price of VND10bn / unit (including VAT), many investors said that Phuc Dai Phuc's urban villas will be hot-oriented and market oriented in the future. Potential investment opportunities for customers besides ideal living value.
Mr. Vo Huu Khoa, representative of Dai Phuc Group also said: "The Group believes and commits that the value of Van Phuc property will double in 3 years and 8 times in 10 years. In just 5 years, Van Phuc urban area will be comparable to the existing urban areas and will be an ideal place for investment of 45,000 inhabitants. "

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