Thing "new" about the old apartment!

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City heard. HCM began noisily on the road "to conquer life changing" for hundreds of old apartment. Accordingly, from now to 2020, the city will be lifted, rebuilt at least 50% of the 474 old residential buildings scattered localities 15 districts.
Thing "new" about the old apartment!
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Story renovating old apartment not only in the city. HCM but also a headache for a decade in Hanoi, do not say it much, but how much.

Time waits for no one, it goes on for hours everyday wear safety of the aged apartment "interior continental gathering", leaving many households here have always lived under the low aromatic scythe of death.

Now with many other previous progress. With a new mindset with synchronization solutions, alone in District 1 in HCMC. HCM has registered 30 investment firms rebuild the old apartment, which previously only ... 1 DN registration.

In Hanoi, HCM City Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung also said that next time, Hanoi will conduct renovate all the old apartment buildings in the area, but with a recipe and a completely new mechanism, the people can sell the home or to accept compensation ratio 1: 1 when renovating old apartment house at present.

Professor Dang Hung Vo - Former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment advocates and said that if this ratio applies in old renovated apartment is too good. Because, as he was changing the whole environment, being in the house in a newer design, more modern, this rate is quite reasonable. If imposing a higher coefficient, will put tremendous pressure for enterprises conducted renovated old apartment and more pressure for Hanoi on the floor system.

City Real Estate Association. HCM new apartment with an area greater than or equal to the old area of ​​the apartment (in a manner swap apartments) and at no extra cost.

Where the condominium owners arranged new apartment and have to pay for the difference, the area is home loan credit institutions; loans from the Housing Development Fund in the city to pay the difference must be paid. For condominium owners of the beneficiaries of social housing will be borrowed from preferential credit fund social housing to buy the difference this area ...

The above facts prove the old renovated apartment in the big cities are the new thinking, new wills, how refreshing ..., but in a principle of "very old", that is to transparent about the interests of the parties.

There is such a renovating old apartment can hope to progress in the future.
Nguyen Hoang Linh (Newspaper Building)

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