There is no stopping 16 projects in Hanoi

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Up to this point, both the Ministry of Construction and the Hanoi People's Committee have not made any decisions regarding the suspension of projects in the city.
That is the assertion of Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tran Nam with the media on 9/11 morning, around the information of 16 projects, in which the real estate project was suspended pending final decision of the Prime Minister. .
KimChung DiTrach
The overall perspective of Kim Chung - Di Trach new urban area

According to Deputy Minister Nguyen Tran Nam, the above information is not accurate because, at this time, the master plan for building the capital has not been approved by the Prime Minister, the legal basis for comparison Is not available yet.
Therefore, according to Deputy Minister Nguyen Tran Nam, if it is said that the projects to pause to wait for comparison of the results of the review is completely inaccurate. The Ministry of Construction has no official opinion on this.
"Last weekend, after some businesses called me to reflect on the situation, I contacted Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen The Thao, Thao said Hanoi has no opinion, Decide something about this. Even Thao said that this is under the authority of the Ministry of Construction, "Nam said.
To verify the information, the leaders of the Ministry of Construction said they had called the heads of departments, departments, especially the planning department to check the information on the back but did not have any information about the temporary Stop the project.
In addition, Mr. Nam also said that if the review, pause will also have to wait after the master plan is approved.
"Our law basically is not retroactive, so if it is reviewed, it must be based on the fact that if a project has been approved, it will have to continue for a long time. I affirm this information is for some businesses, people peace of mind. There is absolutely no official decision to stop the project, "said Deputy Minister Nguyen Tran Nam.
Regarding the information about the stoppage of the project posted publicly on the website of the Hanoi Planning and Architecture Department, Mr. Nam said that it might be a verbal information of some cadre. He also said that even the information posted on the website may be personal opinions (?!).
Earlier, in early November, the Department of Planning - Architecture Hanoi posted on the website of the list of 16 projects, the project must stop waiting for zoning planning.
Specifically, Hoai Duc district has 6 projects, including Di Trach industrial and handicraft sites (9.99ha), Dai Tu (7.9ha), La Phu open area (40.8ha); 138,17ha of Kim Chung - Di Trach urban area, 0.6ha of mixed residential area (0.6ha), and Nguyen Ngoc villas (1.03 ha). Me Linh district has three projects, including Me Linh - Dai Thinh urban area (141.84ha), office and garden villas Tien Phong (2.56ha), Vinashin Golf urban area (240ha). Thuong Tin district has three projects to pause for the zoning plan, including Habeco industrial complex (76.88ha), Habeco Ha Noi Quat Dong residential commercial center (50.72ha), industrial complex Extended Quat (43.5 ha).
Especially, for the Kim Chung-Di Trach high-rise apartment project (Hoai Duc district), after the project information has been suspended, hundreds of customers have paid for the apartment in the project have become wild Bring, worry about the amount of money played and project fate.

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