There is a mountain real estate project built in the model resort resort

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After 5 years of quiet construction, Sapa Jade Hill resort with total investment capital of VND2,000 billion on 47.45ha has officially become a luxury mountain resort project of Sapa put into use, This is also a pioneering project that develops into a sustainable resort model that creates and preserves the deep human values ​​of Sapa.
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Sapa Jade Hill is located in an impressive position in Sapa just 2km from the town center with the back of Ham Rong Mountain, facing the Muong Hoa valley. More specifically, Sapa Jade Hill is a national terraced nature reserve project and is being proposed by Unesco as World Cultural Heritage. Therefore, this area belongs to the nature reserve level 1 is not licensed to build new projects. This makes the location of Sapa Jade Hill expensive.

With a beautiful location in Sapa, the Sapa Jade Hill owner, Truong Giang Sapa Company, has built and developed the Sustainable Tourism Urban Model to create tangible and intangible heritages. This is the reason that beside the villa, luxury resort, Truong Giang Sapa has determined to build more 151 houses and commercial street to meet the demand of commercial real estate Sapa is both the place Preserve the cultural heritage of the Northwest.

The Sapa Jade Hill houses are exquisitely designed to fit the commodity business model associated with homestay rooms. Covering an area of ​​55m2 - 444m2, height from 2.5 to 7 floors, Sapa Jade Hill townhouse is designed in the mountainous terrain of the northwestern hills, creating remarkable difference, double the business side. 1st floor provides maximum efficiency for homeowners.

Not to mention the Sapa Jade Hill is the cultural heritage of the Northwest Mountains. The architectural beauty of the Northwest of each street house contributes to preserve and preserve the cultural identity of Sapa. In the Sapa Jade Hill, the owner will also offer free local area sales, giving them a place to work and live up to their traditional culture and trades. This is the great human value built by the efforts and enthusiasm of the investor Truong Giang Sapa.

Sapa Jade Hill is the first large-scale resort project in Sapa to be issued with a permanent red book.

Determined to turn Sapa Jade Hill into a cultural and natural heritage of Truong Giang Sapa not only stop there. Recognizing the beautiful culture of the North West is gradually lost, Truong Giang Sapa is determined to preserve these intangible heritage right at his project. The cultural events and customs of indigenous peoples will be held regularly at Sapa Jade Hill.

All the amateurs are all ethnic men and women, folk artisans recite the ritual, receive the bride of the Dao ethnic group, pull the wife of the Mong people, celebrate the new season of the nation. Xa Pho or worshiping the land of the early Giay ethnic ... Traditional cultural festivals not only help preserve North West identity but also bring jobs to the artisans upland. This is the price is the deep human values ​​of the resort urban model that no other investor can do.

"The Sapa Jade Hill is located in the area with many famous tourist spots and special landscapes," said Nguyen Huy Hoang Minh, the representative of the investor. Effect. Starting from the concerns of preserving the beauty of nature, the cultural identity of the Truong Giang Sapa people is determined to develop sustainable resort property through the model of resort resort for the first time in Vietnam. "

"We plan the cultural spaces within Sapa Jade Hill to raise the sense of conservation and national pride of ethnic minorities. Preserving the beauty and unique products of Sapa, but also from the mind of the artisans want to live in the beauty of the North West culture, "emphasized Hoang Minh Hoang.

The entire Sapa Jade Hill project is planned and specially designed in the direction of nature preservation and preservation of national culture.

It can be said that the first sustainable urban resort model in Vietnam, Sapa Jade Hill has made a breakthrough, different steps. With this model, Truong Giang Sapa has done at the same time two things have just preserved the Sapa identity has brought benefits to buyers of townhouses and villas in Sapa Jade Hill. When the upland cultural identity is preserved and developed right in the resort, the value of the Sapa Jade Hill estate itself will increase accordingly.

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