The wealthy Saigon rushed to Long Thanh to gather the land

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According to a survey of real estate in Long Thanh, representatives of some real estate companies said that recently thanks to the information to build a project in Long Thanh, so people from Saigon flocked to here. buy land.
Over the past days, information about the people rushed to collect Long Thanh land to eat along the construction of Long Thanh International Airport (Long Thanh district) are stirring public opinion. Many rumors are blowing land near the airport area is fever, people bring money to collect land ...
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To find out more about this phenomenon, we went to the planning area of ​​Long Thanh airport to find out. It is known that Dong Nai province has plans to plan ancillary areas in the area of ​​21 thousand hectares to develop real estate projects.

Understand the fact that the "storks" are also the people who mastered the area as clear as the palm. The decision on suspension of separating Dong Nai Province's land plots issued since April 2017 is limiting trading and transferring rights of people but it does not prevent the sale of land due to "feed by" the project. Long Thanh Airport.

Through exchanges with some real estate trading floors in Long Thanh district, it is known that the land consolidation does not take place due to the information of Long Thanh airport which has been happening for more than a decade, when many real estate projects painted on paper.

In the early 2000s there were many people gathering hundreds of hectares of land, even some giants collect 3,000ha to 5,000ha. The purpose of the large buyer group is to develop rubber forest, because this time the price of rubber latex is quite high.

"Many people have money to buy land just to develop agricultural types, or to build mini resorts on the riverside and stream, but rarely think of buying to take the opportunity to have Long Thanh Airport. They gathered land for the development of different types of catering services in Nhon Trach urban area. However, Nhon Trach urban area has not been formed, so many people have land to rent to others. Rubber, "said Ms. Ngoc Huong, deputy general director of gold trading floor, said.

According to Huong, starting in 2014, when information on the project of Long Thanh airport on a "hot", many people have no land lease, recovered and broken up for sale to benefit. This is also a time many people have money in Ho Chi Minh City rushed to Long Thanh, Nhon Trach to buy land. "Those who have money can only buy regardless of the source of the land, because they think that the airport will certainly make sure the land price will increase sharply," added Huong.

According to Mr. Minh Long, residents living in DT769, Binh Son, in the last two years in addition to the object is "stork" the land is a lot of people in Saigon to the neighboring areas Long Thanh airport project "people" selling land. The "tastes" of customers are aimed at the hundreds of hectares of land, if the rubber forest is better because they think that the word "legalize".

Accordingly, a plot of 1,000m2 of rubber (not transferred to residential land) has offered current prices up to nearly 7 billion, while a week ago was only about 6 billion. If the land is in small alleys, the selling price is not much difference.

The storks are located daily at many cafeterias scattered along the rubber forest to greet guests across the road. "We will do all the legal procedures to change the name, conversion to residential land, customers only appear one time to sign the relevant documents and give 50% of the remaining land," a stork the land said.

In particular, by understanding many households living in these two communes are cutting down fruit trees or rubber trees have been planted over ten years, the division of garden plots to sell when the earthquake fever by the airport culminated. Local people said that the price of land in the commune has doubled in a short time, whenever customers ask, the "land" always ensure to separate the plot and have a red book on each floor after a few months.

"There are always a lot of luxury cars on the weekend, and many people come to the area to buy cars, In case some of the "giants" Saigon also spend money to hire more people to work "trigger" to persuade relatives in the family to sell their land, "Long said.

A director of real estate trading said that the hot real estate market has led to a sharp increase in trading volume, from which real estate trading floors are born. There are many people who used to work for a floor, now find that this market seems easy to make money separate the floor. The most typical are the "stork" land collectors together to set up a company, the signboard is very ostentatious to row customers ...
Asked about whether or not over 80% of Saigon residents are holding land around the airport, a representative of the Dong Nai Land Registration Office in Long Thanh District confirmed that it was just floating information. floating on the market or many brokers offered, but not any clear statistics. And no matter what the price of land in Long Thanh area fever and increase by day. If there is a sale, the buyer and the seller must go through the registration office to make a transfer.

"Recently, our office has received very little paperwork, so we do not know if they are buying or selling handwritten transactions. Go to the land registration office to verify the transaction information as well as the source of the land, planning to avoid the cost of carrying disabilities, "he added.

Commenting on the real estate market in Long Thanh, Le Hoang Chau, chairman of the HCM City Real Estate Association, said that the market had been tricked in the past, first with a new trick in Nhon Trach City. "Currently, Nhon Trach has not yet been established. Where do you go to town in 2020? Many people have been disillusioned, so careful, "Chau emphasized.

Chau also noted real estate speculation. It is the act of collecting large quantities of products sufficient to cover market costs in the area or project. After collecting the product leads to price, control the market. This behavior affects the consumer and can lead to the level of manipulation of the real estate market, affecting the economy.

Faced with changes in land use planning, the People's Committee of Long Thanh District has proposed that Dong Nai province plan and manage the land surrounding Long Thanh Airport. Accordingly, the People's Committee of the province will soon have an area plan for the management of the land to be stable. At present, the local area has no specific plan at the airport so the management of land here is difficult, the status of land transfer time is quite hot and very messy.

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