The scenario for the real estate market in 2017?

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According to many real estate experts, the overall market is showing signs of slowing down compared to 2015, however, the market is still vibrant place in good projects. 2017 and the next year the real estate market possibilities still growing steadily.

According to the HCM City Real Estate Association (Horea), the real estate market (real estate) 9 months is still in the growth cycle after recovery since the end of 2013. With market regulation policy is effective, in 2017 signs of "bubble" real estate has yet to appear.

Dr. Le Ba Chi's, economists forecast the real estate market in the last month of 2016 will continue to grow slightly compared to Q3, so from now to Tet Dinh Dau is the peak period of the year. But on the whole real estate market is showing signs of slowing down compared to 2015.
"Forecast the real estate market in 2017 will continue the trend of slowing down. However, the difficult situation that" bubble "real estate in the last months of 2016 and 2017", Dr. Nhan said.

Property experts also agree that, "bubble" real estate only appear if developing economies in the form of "hot". However, in 2016, GDP may be difficult to achieve the target of 6.7%, the economy of our country has not developed hot but still in the recovery period, growth.

"The economy is hot development platform to arise" bubble "real estate, due to entrepreneurs and citizens will be easier to make money, which will go through real estate investment, or buying real estate as collateral to spend. However, this situation is no "expert said Phan Cong Chanh.

At the meeting on the economic situation - HCMC Social recent May 9, 2016, HCM City Vice Chairman Le Van Khoa said that the factors causing the current real estate bubble are well controlled , in 2017 the market moved relatively normal, no big changes.
Abundant supply, the price difficult to increase

In the perspective of investors, many reviews also confirmed that confidence in the stable purchasing power of the market continues to be maintained, but the purchasing power increased only at a gradual rather massive. According to the investors that, property prices continued to stabilize as early 2016, but is unlikely to rise or volatility as supply is abundant and fierce competitiveness.

When asked, the segment will lead the market in 2017, many investors commented that segment affordable housing is priced from 1.1-1.5 billion continue to be in great demand but rather limited supply.

Meanwhile, high-end housing segment will not happen over supply situation as much warning, as investors believe that the segments are stable customer base of that segment, investors will " improvise "put on the market in quantities suitable to the needs.

Talking to us recently, Nguyen Du Luc - President companies Loc Phat Hung real estate, said the purchasing power in the market will stabilize in the coming year as the last time, a special segment and villas house is more interested customers more investment. Thus, through observation shows that many investors are turning to this field to create liquidity.

"It is important to know the market movements closely to strategic adjustments accordingly, by real estate has in any period must also have products to sell to the market. However, as the market is to be halted because the supply is too high, we had to redirect public investment segment are truly in need, "said Luc added.

But according to Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc, Deputy CEO of Him Lam Land, in 2017, if only in real demand remains stable and tends to increase, but not at a pace too large. For example, this year the real housing needs of 100 thousand units, the following year can not be increased to 1 million units, but only 120 thousand increase in the base level, 2018 will be 150 thousand units ... "As far as I , demand that is accurate measure of the market in the years to come, and not be based on the demand of secondary investors, traders (speculators), "Phuc said.

In contrast, according to the chief, in 2017 to continue the momentum of development of the market, the supply of housing in all segments continued to increase. In particular, the segment of affordable housing, housing for young people to continue limited.

Product quality housing investors will be much more advanced to gain competitive advantage in the best way.

Commenting on the market in 2017, Nguyen Van Dat, Chairman Phat Dat Real Estate Company, said that the recent oversupply warning was justified, however, investors will have a strategy to attract tourists restaurant in the new situation. The market will be steady growth in 2017, the amount of capital from foreign investors will continue to "melt" into the property creating more powerful diversity of supply to the market.

From there, customers will benefit because housing prices will remain reasonable, better product quality, utilities invested more lives ...

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