The risk of buying enough surface from the base material prices, "fat"

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In HCM City, the housing market with prices only natural base from 600 million to 1 billion in the districts quickly crowned somewhat as people lose confidence in the condominium project with the "scandalous" recently. However, this segment is warning entails risks.
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Huge demand, good profit
According to the HCM City real estate speculators, the market price of base materials "fat" has appeared quite long, but the peak is from 2010 to date. The advantage of this type of apartment is habitable immediately, equipped though small area, consistent with soft prices of many income.
Mr. Nguyen Van Thang (Tan Binh District, HCMC) is a mortgage specialist to look old, or large areas of land can be built a few houses in the district to develop and offer to fix. Thang said that from 2016 to date, demand for cheap houses of people increased in part due to the insecurity of the people with condominium projects are many bottlenecks.
Besides, people with low income, medium wishing to buy low-cost housing to stay, just get out of renting, but you can make the city residence, facilitate the education of children.
Lead reporter Investment Real Estate go to a house in an alley just 36m2 Thu Duc district, the area Highway 13, the home of 620 million sale price, but full papers but determining the degraded and uninhabitable, Mr Thang said: "If force prices down, could buy at around 600 million, an additional 80 million revised and below 800 million sale price will be the buyer immediately".
Not only the individual business several apartments scattered like Thang, now Ho Chi Minh City, a number of real estate enterprises or small construction companies are also involved in this market. However, businesses tend to buy large pieces of land area, building a few apartments for sale.
As director of a construction company specializing in "wholesale townhouses" in District 9, Decision 33/2013 in the city. HCM is not limited to an area of ​​land separation dividing the plot, as the Red Book is easy, enabling the company to higher profits when the construction of houses for sale.
In early 2015, the company has purchased an area of ​​approximately 200 m2, which is a perennial crop land in Phu Huu Ward, District 9 for less than 2 billion and is constructing nine houses here. Some apartments have been built, each apartment is about 20 m2 with an area of ​​4 m x 5 m, designed 1 ground floor, first floor and the house is just 2 General 1 red book.
With house with such a small area, the company is selling 900 million bid. "This price is just right, the needs of the people is highly recommended that all immediate sale," the director said.
Thus, with the money to buy land and build a base amount of about 200 million, the company earns a profit of 400 million / unit.
Customer risk
For customers looking for cheap apartments to this, the risk is always there. Ms. Pham Phuong Anh, Thu Duc said, 2015, she bought a 36 m2 apartment for more than $ 900 million. The seller said it was building a new house, but when the house is 2 months then impregnated leaks, foundation collapse ... then, she knew this was revised based on the old house.
 "We have to spend nearly 100 million to repair the house, reinforced basement, waterproofing can in it," said Phuong Anh.
Mr Huong, a contractor specializing in the construction of the old house, said: "Speculators often choose the cheapest materials and construction, fix the maximum savings should look beautiful outside but the quality looks very cream. Buyers in a few months is to revise the whole ".
Besides, in some cases, buy a house uninhabitable, nor be offered. Lan, residing in District 7 said, beginning in 2016, he bought a townhouse building in Nguyen Thi Thap available for more than 800 million.
On the outside the new house is beautiful, but in 3 months has been severely degraded: peeling walls, floor sink, broken roof ... When going to the red book, the apartment takes longer than 3 m Highway great. He was for sale since January 4/2016 to date, but have not found a buyer.
In addition, the issue of "fatigue" the most for those who purchase price "fat" is related to a legal matter. Normally this type of home style is built from several apartments adjacent and above and for the same title. Are likely to arise from this dilemma, disputes, litigation when homeowners want to sell or pledge the house ...
Gia Huy (Investment Property)


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