The real estate segment of the breakthrough impression

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In the first half of 2017, tourism real estate resort continues to increase momentum continue to receive the attention of famous investors with a series of projects are deployed construction, open sale.
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According to the Association of Real Estate Vietnam, the segment of resort real estate is currently the most discussed segment of the social networking industry, accounting for 35% of the total discussion.

Resort properties including resorts, condominiums, condominiums, condominiums, and condos ... share a lot of service experience as well as promotions in the first 6 months as this is the time Many holiday destinations, especially summer vacations, with high demand for tourism, convalescence and visitor numbers.

Experts in the real estate sector said that although not in the Top 3 sectors attracting the largest FDI but with the amount of capital poured into the real estate of about $ 530 million including many real estate projects of the resort. Foreign investors, this is also not a small number.

The number of international tourists with impressive growth of over 6.2 million in the first 6 months is also one of the driving forces for the property market to continue impressive momentum breakthrough.

Nguyen Tran Nam, President of the Vietnam Association of Real Estate Association, said: "Due to the demand for rooms, the demand for tourist resorts increased. Along with the wave of prestigious investors, people with relatively good economic conditions, even if they do not have to invest large sums of money, can own a fully furnished apartment in beautiful beaches, Tourist Resort. This can meet the demand of the family and can be very profitable when renting. "

According to the assessment of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, in the first 6 months of property development continues to thrive. The resort real estate increasingly attracts a large number of real estate companies to invest.

In terms of trading, only in the second quarter, the Nha Trang market has attracted investment and customers are very strong, generating double the number of vacation property transactions compared with the first quarter 2017, with 1,589 products deal.

In Da Nang, with the boom of large-scale resort projects such as Kokobay, Hoa Binh Green, Sentosa, Ngoc Duong ... with aggressive advertising campaigns, plus good sales policies. , There were 1,339 resort properties traded in the second quarter, up sharply from the previous time.

In other provinces and cities such as Vung Tau, Ha Long, Hai Phong, Lao Cai ... also recorded 411 real estate products traded resort.

These factors prove that the real estate market has been creating a great attraction for domestic and foreign investors. The breakthrough in this segment of the property has created a new wind to promote the development of the property market in general.

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