The real estate market will benefit greatly from stocks in 2018

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When the VN-Index rises, investors will win the wave of cash flow to real estate.
Economist Dinh The Hien predicted that the rules of the two real estate and securities markets have left a bold mark in the 2006-2007 period, the golden age of the witness market. both real estate and real estate. This scenario has taken place in 2017 and is likely to repeat in 2018.

Mr. Hien explained that the money flow from the group of investors who won the securities has been creating underground circuits to move to the real estate market, helping the market receive more new capital flows. From many historical milestones of the financial investment market, people who have "picked" money from securities often realize their profits (profit taking) by buying land, buying houses or apartments.
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The real estate market is expected to benefit from the spectacular growth of securities in line with the norm. Illustration

In his assessment of the potential and opportunities of the real estate market in 2018, Mr. Hien analyzes that the 2017 stock has a successful year, with high profitability while the gold and dollar channels are less effective. Bank interest rates tend to rise to 7% per annum, better than gold and USD investment, but without any sudden gains. Meanwhile, in the past 12 months, VN-Index has increased 48%, the highest compared to other financial investment channels and more or less have created the transfer of capital to real estate to realize the value of assets.

On the other hand, listed real estate companies are growing very well in 2017 with total assets, chartered capital and share value going up. This group of companies also mobilized capital from the stock market in the past year.

Specifically, the real estate business continuously recorded increased charter capital and equity to invest in new projects. Total equity increased in 2015-2017 of 10 listed companies listed on the stock exchange reached 215,000 billion, equivalent to 950 million.

The expert predicts that the stock market in 2018 will still grow in the first months of the year and will adjust in the middle of the year. However, the probability of VN-Index ending the year Mau Tuat minimum at 1130-1.200 points, increased in the threshold of 15%.

"With the heat of the stock market in the new year, the opportunity to move capital into the real estate market has become enormous and promises to increase the excitement for real estate hot spots in the coming time," said Hien. evaluate.


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