The question of "quality" for affordable housing

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Although known as affordable housing segment in the market gold, but not always do it now. Only those enterprises prepared to land, earned as a calculated cost and can be successful in this segment.
According to a report from market research company, two years ago 80% of supply in the market belongs to the apartment segment of medium- and high-level. Although liquidity is stable and popular, but the apartments cost around 1 billion accounts for 20% of total supply.

Statistics show Savills Vietnam in HCM City from the fourth quarter / 2016 to 2018 will have more than 50,000 apartments entering the market. However, this source is still concentrated in medium and high-end segment. Because the supply is gradually shrinking while demand is still strong rise, experts predict the affordable housing segment will continue to lead the market in the near future.

In the context of phase supply and demand in the market, many investors quickly began to grasp the opportunities of investment shift to low-cost housing segment.

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Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc - Deputy CEO of Him Lam Land said: "As a successful business are two projects in the segment of luxury apartments, but the company also studied the market and the demand for cheap apartments are at very high levels. Only in HCM City with around 13 million inhabitants are about 500,000 families need emergency accommodation, each year there are 50,000 new couples need housing. Most of these are people medium-income and young customers heading ".

"They are healthy, high professional qualifications, increasing income but limit is not much time to accumulate. This is a very large market, so, apart from the high-end products priced above 2 billion, we decided to implement more business projects with the total amount paid reasonably fit young clientele, "Phuc said.

Market observations show that some companies are moving toward making affordable housing for young families. These include Nam Long Company "handshake" with the Japanese investors to make lineup EHomeS; L & L is simultaneously deploying Asa Light apartment, Ouyang Lan Tower, The Avila; Kien Citisoho II projects ... All these products are offered for sale price around 1 billion, spread across all of eastern and southern areas of the City.

However, according to representatives of the investors, despite knowing the segment of affordable housing is gold on the market, but not always do it now. Only those enterprises prepared to land, earned as a calculated cost and can be successful in this segment.

Such as the project at Him Lam Phu An with more than 1,000 apartments cost around 1 billion in District 9, investors chose the location is not located in the heart that choose this apartment chain development on the main road connecting the center easier and avoid traffic jams, such as Pham Van Dong, Ha Noi Highway, Vo Van Kiet ... in addition, although the project is in the segment of affordable housing, but investors still make security facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant, nursery, sports, gym, walking path ... for residents.

"In the context of the market are more choices with the increased supply, despite the reasonable price, but the project still need affordable housing to ensure quality from planning to construction and finishing. Make project cost cheap but not cheap quality, there is such a new long-term success is "representing Him Lam said.

Along with representing the views of Him Lam, many enterprises are growing segment in the market affordable housing City also said that, despite huge demand, but the problem of affordable housing development is not easy because the investor must How to calculate both are reasonably priced but good quality medium.

"Recently, a lot of customers in HCM City, who have spent the money to buy the apartments called intermediate - advanced, but they have to live in the apartment quickly degraded service quality management poor service. Therefore, to develop a reasonable price houses of good quality, apart from the capacity of the investor must also have credibility and the Mind, "a company representative said.

According to Le Hoang Chau - Chairman of the HCM City Real Estate Association, the current demand for housing around 1 billion / base quite large, while the supply is limited, so the house has reasonable prices, sales policies in line with settled people, has convenient traffic connections will create good liquidity. In addition to positioning the product in line with the needs of the majority of customers, now many real estate developers have been able to create a flexible sales policy, product quality improved markedly.

Along with Mr Chau experts also said that current customers are the big beneficiaries in the market due to ample housing supply. Hence, even in segments if investors do business in a "grab" as the previous period will inevitably fail and it is difficult foothold in the market for long.

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