The family of 24 paid millions to buy a house to live with

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Although home prices have doubled, Ms. Foo and her children are determined not to sell mini apartments in Singapore.

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Ms. Foo and her children in turn buy apartments in the mini apartment building. Photo: CNA.

Unlike the independent trend, Mabel Foo in Singapore decided to buy a house to live with her mother and family. Currently, Mrs. Foo's three-storey building has 24 members of four generations living.

The oldest member in the house was Mrs. Foo's mother, 87-year-old Koh Poh Choo, and her youngest was only 4 months old.

In 1997, they started buying the first apartment in the building. Ten years later, they in turn purchased the remaining five units for $ 350,000-400,000. The total amount they spent about 2 million.

According to Channel New Asia, the building is being priced twice as high. Each unit costs close to one million dollars but they do not intend to sell. "I feel very happy to be here with my brothers and sisters, and if anyone will pay me a million dollars, I will not mind, I will just say thank you and stay here," she said. Foo, the eldest sister, confirmed.

When information about Foo's family life was shared online, there were 3,000 share with positive comments. Some people also dream that they can live together happily.

In Singapore, about 10% of households have 3-4 generations living under the same roof. From 2013, the country encourages the construction of homes that are suitable for multi-generation families.

Shane Yeo, a 17-year-old, third-generation member, shares, sometimes feeling a sense of privacy. That is when the news easily spread to the ears a lot of people. When Shane made a mistake, she could talk to her aunt and he would receive more teachings.

However, he thinks he is also fortunate to receive the attention and support of the extended family.

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