The change of the world real estate market in 2018

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According to research results of real estate associations, many real estate investors in Asia-Pacific will operate strongly in the unlisted property market.
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A survey of 320 unregistered real estate developers in Asia (Anrev), including fund managers, led by Asia Real Estate Managers, said: The bridge will invest $ 53.8 billion in the property market in 2018. For investment purposes: This year, more than half of investors will target the real estate market over 24 months.

Anrev predicts "positive signals will continue in the property market in general and unlisted real estate in particular." Anrev also conducted a survey in October and November between the Association of Real Estate Unlisted Investors in Europe and the Asset Allocation Association.

The results show that about 58% of the investment is forecast in the real estate market this year mainly from European investors, in which the US partners 25%, Asia is 17%.

Investors in the Asia-Pacific region are expected to invest heavily in unlisted property funds (47.5%). Although barriers to investment in this area remain, such as the amount of reserve commodities and currency risk.

Approximately 17.4% of real estate investment flows to cities in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, plus Beijing, Shanghai and several other cities in China. National.

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