Thanks to three old home repairs, I was at home

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"If you take the effort, buy second home and then repair will be much cheaper than buying a new home," Hieu shared.
Below is the story of Le Van Hieu, 40, who lives in Ho Chi Minh City.

In early 2007, I started to get the first plug in Saigon after 3 years here and 7 years to work. At that time, I was a mechanical engineer, working in a garage, salary about 12 million / month. I sometimes work outside, do business this thing but not save much, single.
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Heard that the landlord who rented the house needed money to sell this house, I decided to buy now. One-storeyed ground floor apartment with 32m2 of land, located in an alleyway on Ton That Thuyet Street (District 4). Built in 2001, the frame is solid but looks very downgraded, the lower floor should be flooded or flooded, patchy patchy wall for many years without plastering, door creak also. However, I have been here since day in Saigon, and found that temporarily, so decided to borrow more friends and relatives 100 million to afford to buy out the house for 400 million.

After owning the house, my two friends stayed together, but I did not take their money anymore because they gave me a loan to buy a house. After that, my friends married, the transfer job should move. And I was about to get married so decided to repair the house.

I lift the floor, the door, bathroom furniture, kitchen, paint scanned again 120 million. In 2008, Saigon real estate entered a new wave of fever, naturally there are many people to buy. Seeing my house paid high, I decided to sell, earning 870 million.

I'm going to buy a house again. After seeing all sorts of houses and apartments, old houses, new houses and vacant land, I finally got an old house in a small alley on Dien Bien Phu Street, District 10. The landlord has long since abandoned it. The house is determined to sell in order to take care of. The house is only 30m2, a ground floor, a floor, 950 million (2009). I spent more than 200 million to repair, build an additional floor and buy furniture. In early 2012, people pay 1.6 billion, I sell again, because I was bored in the alley.

Selling house, plus the accumulated amount of the couple, I bought a two-storey house of 35m2 in a car alley in District 5 for 1.8 billion. I left 200 million repair, build another tum. My husband and I are still in the house, we have not moved to a new home, someone paid 2.5 million, I sell.

We rented a year, until 2013, I found a house in District 10 and fit in with his pocket money. The house is 41m2, initially there was only a ground floor and a mezzanine, then I changed into a 3 storey house. Since then, I have not moved since my child has started school, I do not want to move to another school. However, I still donate money with acquaintances, buy three more old houses, repair and re-sale to make a profit.

From my reality, I find that if you take the effort, buy second-hand house and then repair will be much cheaper than buying a new home. However, you need to choose the house with solid foundation and claw, otherwise it will have to be rebuilt completely, then the cost of building repairs will be much higher.

Determine the house must be repaired, so the house papers must be adequate, to obtain a repair license, built easily. I have a friend, bought an old paperless house, until it was knocked out, can not be rebuilt again. If you plan to fix it right after the purchase, you can ask the seller to repair the repair documentation, which will save you more time and effort.

When repairing a house, I often ask the designer. Therefore, my house after the repair is very beautiful, who is interested in and ready to buy immediately.

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