Thanh Hoa is about to build a park near 2.400 billion

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According to the People's Committee of Thanh Hoa province, the province is consulting people to go and build a large park, unique with a total investment of 2.360 billion in the heart of Thanh Hoa City.
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According to the models on display, park culture Thanh country will have two plans to build. Model 1 is the research plan on an area of ​​527.622m2; height 1-33 floors. Under this plan, the park Culture Thanh country "does not square" includes 12 main categories.

That the temple area hundred works them, promising scene Tower, Dai Vietnamese village, centralized service park, museum synthesis, exhibition center, Ethnic stilt house, the construction description of the Lake Lake landscape, the small service area, the surface area of ​​green landscape, car parking.

Model option 2 being studied in an area of ​​501.467m2, height 1-33 floors. Apart from 12 main items of option 1, then option 2 additional square items, description cannon casting process and the typical area of ​​ethnic minorities.

Reportedly, the two schemes will be studied on the basis of crystallization characteristics of the cultural highlights of Thanh Hoa with polymorphs: Van constitutional, civilized and civilization, aims to serve the community living political - economic - cultural - social people in the province and throughout the country.

As expected by investors, annual operating costs for this cultural park falls between 375 billion and 540 billion will be collected from the ticket sales service visit and other revenue sources. Currently Thanh Hoa province is calling on big business, the prestigious economic groups experienced in the construction and management, operation and exploitation of this work efficiently.
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