Tet, real estate businesses stimulus boost market

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More real estate transactions of more vibrant access Year. Competitive pressure, many investors (CDT) launched a series of new sales policies, such as support for loans, preferential interest rates ... This move attracted many customers to buy houses, which transaction most powerful of the South zone, East zone Saigon.
The end of the year, real housing demand surged. To achieve expected sales, investors are launching many policies supported loans, preferential payments associated with the promotions, gifts to stimulate purchasing power. Besides the application of preferential interest rates, gifts, one of the many sales policies currently applied CDT extend and accelerate payment discount rate for the buyer. Recently, the Group aims to boost Novaland transaction volume last year's Project Sunrise Riverside (Nguyen Huu Tho, Nam Saigon) by policy when clients receive a prepayment of 40% of value, the rest payment of 1% / month, 0% interest rates in nearly three years. Project Sunrise Riverside discount up to 16% of the contract value together with furniture package worth 167 million. Him Lam Land Property Company also recently announced long-term payment policy today for Him Lam Phu. Accordingly, in order to buy is targeted at younger customers, offering Him Lam project with 1.5 billion price range / unit, and customers only pay 45% of the contract value will be getting home, 50% the remaining deferred to 4 years. Total time to pay up to 6 years (72 months) and is subdivided deferred 1% / month.
Cận Tết, doanh nghiệp BĐS đẩy mạnh kích cầu thị trường
Flexible payment policies and appropriate sale price is weak
what makes the project attracted many buyers at the end of the year

Market stimulus last stage, TNR Holdings Vietnam launched discount of up to 8.8% of the apartments to buyers Project The GoldView (Ben Van Don, District 4) if the form of payment option early. Investors also applied Kien payment period lasts 3 years and up to 18% discount for customers who pay 95% of the contract value when purchasing the project Citisoho (Dong Van Cong, District 2). This product is directed to young buyers, the price range starts at just 850 million / unit.

Luxury real estate segment is the most aggressive in the implementation of the year-end incentives. To increase liquidity, many high-end projects launched payment method rather "breathable". Project Investor apartment Xi Grand Court (Ly Thuong Kiet Street, District 10) has just launched sales policy allows buyers to pay only 420 million have been able to own a luxury apartment. In addition, CDT also donated furniture packs 100 million and commitments to lease for 2 years worth $ 19,200. The Group also recently launched Hado Group Policy Project sales Ha Do Centrosa (3/2, District 10) applied to the last months of payments support as 30% receive home. The rest are CDT supports interest-free loan within 2 years; awarded 3-year management fee program is accompanied by gifts in kind with a total value of over 14 billion. According to the representative share Hado Group Corporation, the new sales policy brought more or less positive impact on housing demand of customers, especially those who bought real housing. Before CDT apply new payment schedule, the majority of buyers are investors tu.Tuy However, existing customers wishing to purchase in large quantities actually accounted for. Transactions also increased significantly compared to the previous month.

Senior Project series of major brands like Novaland, Phu My Hung, Thanh Phuc Dien, Capitaland, Keppel Land ... also offer a payment method from only 1-2% / month and extended payment term, help more favorable home buyers in paying the fees.

According to Nguyen Quang Cuong, General Director of Thuan Phu Son property, the promotions, gifts only nature also encourage customers to sales policy, billing period and new loan support factors positive sentiment and purchasing power of the market. A reasonable payment policies and appropriate sale price is always the most positive actions to stimulate the market. With many utility projects, construction progress possible and reputed investors, the launch of the policy will undoubtedly increase in the volume of transactions. These are activities that make transparent and competitive professional real estate market. But his strength is specified, only those enterprises with strong financial strength can make a payment method 1-2% / month while maintaining the construction schedule.

Comes with the sales policy, market last year also raised prices move slightly. Data from CBRE shows that, in the fourth quarter / 2016, real estate prices have inched up slightly adjust the range of 1-1.5% over the previous quarter. Some senior project starting price adjustment increase from 2 -3% in the next tranche. This upward trend is likely to last until the first quarter / 2017.

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