Temporary construction of smart parking in downtown Saigon

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Recently, HCM City People's Committee has invested ideas about intelligent parking assembled high-rise in the city.
Smart car park.
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Garage at Tan Son Nhat airport - one of the parking places
current HCM modern.
Specifically, while not yet implemented the construction works in accordance with the approved plan, HCM  City agreed in principle to invest in the construction and exploitation of temporary parking lots at positions smart enough land conditions to serve the needs of parking stops in the city center as proposed by the Department of transport.

Accordingly, the Committee of HCM City Department of Transport Affairs in coordination with the departments - related industry related research, specify the eligible land position (including the corresponding exploitation period ) and forms of investment suitable to guide investors interested comply with regulations.

Earlier, last month 12/2016, Department of Transport HCM City People's Committee of HCM City send documents about the proposed construction project Intelligent Parking System Parking En-Lamson at Lam Son Square ( district 1) under contract to build - own - operate (BOO).

Under the proposal, the project is built on an area of ​​approximately 1.410m2, with a total of 9 floors of parking floors (not including the roof) with a height of 21,8m. In particular, 1st floor reception lobby and entrance as received / paid car, from level 2 to level 9 for cars to park 4 seats and 7 seats with a capacity of 168 seats. Parking will use robotics technology automatically classified Car 4 seats and 7 seats. Reportedly, the project has a total investment of over 161 billion and expected construction progress up to 14 months, while mining works in 30 years.

After review, HCM City Department of Transport said that Lam Son Square location is planned car park with an area of ​​0.1 hectares, but the location of the proposed area of ​​public land green park, so not suitable and is not eligible to select projects implemented in the form of public-private partnerships.

But according to the HCM City Department of Transportation, the demand for parking in the downtown area today is huge so the agency has proposed HCM City People's Committee to consider and approve the policy allows for investments build smart parking tall assembled on the grounds of the park Lam Son Square and 23/9.

At the same time, the Department of Transportation also recommends HCM City People's Committee should only accept the investment in the form of construction and mining for a term until the demand for parking in the heart decreases, passenger transport public development will restore the ground to perform as planned.

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