Super cheap housing: Risk of slums

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Cheap housing model 100-300 million in Binh Duong promote effective means can not apply universally.
The "pick up" the goodness of this local "applies intact" in other localities is basically difficult to succeed.
It also houses "matchbox"
Built from the 60s of last century, many apartment blocks "matchbox" with an area of ​​10 - 20m2 still exists in the heart of Hanoi. This is the living space of 3-4 generations, despite the alarming deterioration D. Hence, the idea to build the house, "super cheap" with an area of ​​"micro" in Hanoi like tissue Binh Duong's picture, though only coastal suburbs are also many experts need to be careful.
nha gia re2
Dr. Dao Ngoc Nghiem - Deputy Chairman of the Urban Development Planning Hanoi said that the need to resolve the question where and level building served as a shelter, accommodation or housing? Just go out and in place or proper housing with synchronous infrastructure. Because, if only solve immediate needs are more likely to occur in the future slums.
A further problem is posed apartments to meet the area of ​​45m2. More simply about 25m2. However, the lesson apartments with standards 4m2 / builder for 3 - 4 people later became the home of four families. Previously, the "matchbox" is the dream of many people, but is now becoming a burden to Hanoi.
Therefore, in the long term when developing the satellite towns should focus on social housing, affordable housing, because this is where many workers, including intellectual labor. As for the immediate future should focus on industrial zones (IZ) coastal suburbs to ease the pressure on urban areas.
This problem was posed 20 years ago in East England, but ineffective. Workers still prefer renting homes instead of building cheap apartments are closed because of the "governance" of the time, cooking ... So, the issue of affordable housing also need mechanisms to adapt to the conditions of the labor.
Same view, Architect Tran Thanh Tung said, the apartments range from 100-300 million in Binh Duong have implemented are the workers in the industrial zones rather than affordable housing in urban areas. The construction of affordable housing for workers is completely different with the construction of affordable housing for sale. Binh Duong is the peculiar province, home to many industrial parks, factories, infrastructure, transportation connections, should be able to build houses for workers focus.
Besides, Binh Duong has 9 maximum support mechanism. The apartment has a simple design consisting of 20m2 and 10m2 loft. 5-storey house no elevator, 1st floor rental services for people living in the building, the seller who needs commercial price. Investors again great deals from PPC from clean premises, infrastructure available, rent ...
Should develop rental housing
DN standpoint, according to Tran Nhu Trung - Deputy General Director of Nam Cuong Group, the key issue is how to get the apartment the super cheap price? To realize this idea, the State need to study a lot, so that it becomes a long-term housing policy, not merely a general discussion.
Drilling construction if the enterprise is profitable or not, that needs to be acknowledged as an overview of the urban planning yet? Developed in association with public sector, customer segment like? By, population indicators decided to roads, schools, social infrastructure.
Especially in terms of investment, taking funds where? Arranging credit funds short term or long term? Real estate market currently still taking "short" adopt "long". If we apply this thinking to the super cheap housing problem for workers is clearly wrong.
Mr. Pham Thanh Hung - Chairman of the Company Cen Group also stated, this is not a new story. Vietnam has eliminated the subsidy program for housing since 1986. Thus, the idea for the ultra low cost apartments, in some ways it is returned to the subsidy period. By the State must have the maximum incentive amount of land, investment taxes for businesses. We are striving to a market economy should be the direct intervention on the market in this way will cause certain influence.
Clearly, real estate investors are more or less purely affected by competing with a rival maximum incentives. Therefore, considering the level of the market to consider to what extent incentives, in what way? If merely direct incentives as a way of tax reduction, land use fees, production resource base, the real estate market could cause a problem.
"It would be very dangerous if the urban development of affordable housing for 20m2 only 100-300 million. Maybe even greater consequences later for governments to clean up the apartment turned into slums. A typical example can be found in Hanoi's manufactured housing parks subsidized period with an average area of 20m2 to now rundown. Human needs increasing, so according to my opinion, if social housing work should focus on rental housing, not housing for sale. Experience around the world, no country they do sociologist small area for sale very cheap price "- Architect Tran Thanh Tung suggested.


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