Suburban real estate: Investor "stranded" stop-loss selling is still dull!

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Investment property (real estate) style of surfing, many investors stranded to 6-7 years and now have to sell to cut losses by 50% of the purchase price only, but still can not push the goods.
Year 2015-2016, regional real estate boom in Hoai Duc liquidity and cheap supply of apartments with thousands of cheap apartments were offered to the market successfully.

Along with the excitement of the apartment segment, the ground began to move, many transactions begin to appear. In particular, information on the Hoai Duc district in 2020 will be the speculators to take full advantage, in order to blow the temple land prices.

In fact, land prices some projects have gained again. For ground red book, the expectations of the people outrageous price increase also pushed back.

Take advantage of the excitement of the market, many investors began to sell land the land investment market was 6-7 years previously with a very low price, but the sale is still not simple.
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Mr. Tran Van Manh, regional real estate investors Anqing - An Thuong said, land prices Anqing area - An Upper time has increased by about 15-20%, even 30% of the selling price, depending at each position.

But the price increase over just because the expected price increase following information will Hoai Duc District in 2020. As to the fact, the sales too hard.

This investor disclosure, leveraging the excitement of the land market, the last time, he decided to sell some plots of land, red book has invested in the area of ​​Anqing - An Upper since 2009- 2010 with the price of 20-24 million / m2, now sells only about 10 million / m2, but there are no buyers.

It is known, not only Manh, many investors over time also take advantage of the excitement of the market to sell land but failed.

According to a representative of the real estate brokerage in the Anqing, if investors sell 10 million / m2, the actual transaction price may be only 7-8 million / m2. However, the sales are not simple, because the cost of land plots, which are often not very favorable position.

In the land segment projects, many investors began selling commodity market, but the sale is also very difficult.

Representing a group of investors to the project land 32 South Street, Hoai Duc district, said this group of investors bought the bulk of project land urban area South Road 32 earlier, now need money to have Ad sold in the market for 16-17 million / m2, less than the price of the investors are offered from 5-6 million / m2. But the sale was carried out in recent months, this group of investors have yet to be sold.

Not only in Hoai Duc, many new real estate investors stuck to the ground. As noted, in eastern England, after the Nhat Tan Bridge to traffic, a planned series of projects that the price of land in the province is located in the communes of Hai Boi bridge, Ngoc Vinh, were expected to rise again .

Take advantage of the excitement of the market, many investors took advantage of selling "cut losses" land for $ 12-14 million / m2, 40% lower than the price of the land at the time of 2010, however, the cut hole to flee by many investors also failed, because no buyer.

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