Social housing programs have been actively implemented by many localities

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According to reports from the Ministry of Construction, in 2017, social housing programs have been actively implemented by many localities.
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Program for supporting people with meritorious services to the revolution: By the end of November 2017, 121,361 households (63,738 for new construction and 57,623 for repairing) were completed. continue to support about 6,782 households (2,334 new homes and 4,386 repair households); In 2017, 29,329 households have been completed (including 11,960 new households and 17,369 households for rehabilitation and repair).

Housing assistance program for poor households in rural areas: By the end of 10/2017, the number of households supported housing 48,242 (about 18%) did not meet the plan.

Program to support poor households to build houses for prevention of storms and floods: From January 2017 to now in the extended period (2014 - 2016), it has supported 12,946 households (reaching 52% actual support).

Program for building clusters, residential lines and houses in flooded areas in the Mekong Delta: 178/179 residential clusters, residential areas and embankments have been completed (reaching 99%); It has arranged for 51,654 households / 55,939 households in flooded areas (reaching 92.3%); The Prime Minister has agreed to extend the second phase until the end of 2020, about 130 projects will be implemented in 2018-2020; continues to allow 13,743 households in Phase 1 who have not received loans to continue to benefit from the policy.

Low-income housing development in urban areas, workers in the industrial zone: In 2017, five additional projects for low-income people and industrial workers were completed, with the scale of about 1,225; 16 projects are under construction with the scale of about 5,200 apartments.

Program of housing construction for students and students: 89/95 housing projects completed and put into use, accommodating about 220 thousand students (in 2017 completed into a project, accommodation for 20 thousand students), 6 projects are in the finishing phase. The number of students and pupils who have been arranged to live at the average rate of about 83%.


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