Social housing is "the price"?

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Social housing prices always remain high and tends to increase, even more social housing projects is nearly equal to the commercial housing.

Existing social housing can only meet about 28% of the needs of the people. But recently, the social house prices always remain high and tends to increase, even more expensive projects close to the trade.

If this price rise on low-income people buy a house difficult. This fact requires mechanisms and policies to create a more consistent supply of cheap housing, to meet urgent demands of today's housing.
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Social housing prices are growing up, not suitable for low-income people, the poor. Illustration

Learn about and sign up to buy houses in the social housing project for the officers and soldiers in the Ministry of Public Security Co Nhue Ward 2, District North Tu Liem, Hanoi, many people are surprised when the price per square meter of apartments in the this project ranged from 14.5 to nearly 17 million, excluding VAT and maintenance fee. A home buyer said, after the draw, you are buying an apartment on the 18th floor, the price of about 18 million / m2. Thus, an apartment with an area of ​​approximately 60m2 priced at more than 1 billion.

The social housing projects such as the project in Tam Trinh, Yen, Hoang Mai, the price is also more than 15 million / m2 while VAT and maintenance fee. Last year, the social housing projects 622 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung also open to sell at about 15 million / m2 ... A social housing project in Kien Hung, Ha Dong is priced more than 13 million / m2, then the investor has itself dropped more than 12 million / m2 for the same area, some commercial projects, but selling more cheap social housing ...

My Duyen Nguyen shared family find a home languishing in society in Hanoi has more than 1 year, but so far has not been able to buy because of high prices, loan support program is not implemented.

"I'm interested in buying social housing, but through understanding I saw this kind of house prices is higher than the income of low-income people. Previously, I saw only a range of 10 to 12 million m2, the project has less than 10 million / m2, but now the project would have to reach 14 to 15 million m2, sometimes even higher, "she shared Coast .

An official of the Hanoi Department of Construction said that the price of social housing by investors themselves based on actual cost calculation, then the authorities will be reassessed. If the assessed value is lower than estimated cost, the investor must return the money to the people, but if the assessed value is higher, then people are bought with the estimated cost of the investor.

Therefore, the investors high price calculation because the higher the price the greater the profit. The maximum profit is capped at 10%, so obviously if the selling price of VND15 million / m2, the sale profit will be higher than $ 10 million / m2.

Social housing prices are growing up, not suitable for low-income people, the poor. There are many causes of price increases, such as social housing is limited to an area of ​​25 to 70m2 / apartment, but the majority of the investors as an area of ​​45-70m2.

House prices constituted by many factors such as location, environment, infrastructure around, designing, construction materials ... If the project is within the soft soil to deep piling, handling costs, prices again have increased. If social housing as 5-6 floors, stairs, the price must be lower than the high-rise work, take the elevator, with green gardens, even a business center, basement, interior High Quality…

Tran Ngoc Hung, President of Vietnam Construction Association said that the current mechanisms are house prices so investors must calculate for approval, and should have to apply for, so will not create the economic environment fair competitive business.

According to Tran Ngoc Hung, should encourage enterprises to participate in construction of affordable housing types, small area for poor people under the competition, are not exempt from any taxes for investors. Tax revenues, the state will switch to a dedicated fund for home buyers to borrow at low interest rates for a long time, even the first year may be 0%, the next year of 1-2%.

"It is difficult to control the application - for. Currently the price mechanism 2, the first social housing price approval by the government, is the commercial 2nd but many social housing projects do not cost cheaper than the cheap commercial right next door. The State should move to the new way, without the ask - for that to market competition. All proceeds from the tax exemption, exemption of land use ... to support people in need of social housing to buy really, not support for home sellers, "Hung stated.

"The business must have an area of ​​40m2, while social housing is 25 m2. Businesses can participate as affordable housing for workers should be entitled to make such type of social housing 25m2. Enterprises not registered as social housing for the people free sale is also the product of society. I think the state should eliminate the unreasonable that, "Duc said.

Clearly, social housing that high prices are not in line with low-income people, the poor. If you just keep doing today, housing development program aimed not only not a priority target hit, but failed to create equal competition among real estate investors.
Luu Huyen (VOV)

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