Social development: humanitarian policy for the community

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In order to improve the quality of life for people, to solve the social security problem, the Government has specific regulations for the construction of social housing, expressing the determination to realize the policy on housing by a series of positive policies and lobbying mechanisms, encouraging businesses to participate. Affirm the right direction of the humanitarian policy for the community.
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The national housing development strategy is driven by the very wise policy of the Government, which originates from the proposals of the Ministry of Construction. Illustration

From pilot implementation
The investment in the construction of the Social Welfare Fund is an important part of the Housing Law 2006 (effective July 1, 2006), with the goal of ensuring low income people (TNT) On housing conditionally improved accommodation. From here, the pilot program on investment and construction of legal infrastructure has been developed.

However, when it comes to implementation, there have been many concerns raised by construction experts, even the people, such as: Will this pro-poor program help the rich? To Will the poor be pushed out of the far reaches of the central area? ... These worries are grounded, because in order to have a low price, these are the points that investors will focus on. Waterfall. But with the State Fund Pilot Program, planners have the confidence to "solve" the problem.

In mid-2009, the Government issued decrees to concretize preferential mechanisms and policies to encourage enterprises to develop the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Therefore, the progress of the construction of PLWHA in big cities throughout the country has been accelerated. A series of housing projects for the TNT in Hanoi has been implemented effectively as the house in Sai Dong - Long Bien; Dang Xa - Gia Lam of Viglacera Corporation; Ngo Thi Nham residential area, Ha Dong district of Vinaconex Xuan Mai ... Expected to have a place of residence of millions of TNT, the poor has gradually become a reality.

"The key" to break the real estate market
In the period 2011 - 2012 real estate market "real" with inventory up to nearly 130 trillion, but the vast majority of urban residents still can not buy and own housing, because most real estate products They are middle- and high-end segments, while more than 80% of urban residents have low and medium incomes, so they can not access and own real estate products in the market.

Based on the National Housing Development Strategy approved by the Prime Minister in 2011, the focus is on the development of NRE, the Ministry of Construction has studied the Government, the Prime Minister to promulgate the Decrees, Programs and projects on development and management of social infrastructure to concretize the content of the Strategy. Up to now, through the major national programs, the country has completed the construction of 84 NTPs for TNTs, and is continuing to implement 135 projects (including some projects to be implemented). from commercial housing to NXXH approved by the provinces); Completed the construction of 100 projects for workers in industrial zones, continues to deploy 72 projects ...

Especially, the package of 30 trillion dong of credit support is a support package targeting poor people and businesses developing social welfare, creating favorable conditions for the poor to have their own social housing and a large number of people, especially people. Poor people support and appreciate. As a result, after a period of "freezing", the market has begun to show signs of improvement in the second half of 2013, in 2014 and 2015 continue positive recovery, reflected through the price of housing Relatively stable, tens of thousands of poor households, TNT people improved housing; The number of transactions increased, mainly in the segment of small and medium apartment with full of essential infrastructure works.

According to experts, tackling the difficulties associated with the National Housing Development Strategy is driven by the very wise policy of the Government, which originates from the proposals of the Ministry of Construction. This solution hit the spot was very clear why the real estate market freeze. Do not go "ice break" at the closed ice (high price segment) that goes "spark" at a place that is easier to "catch fire" (low price segment) so that the new fire will radiate heat dissipated ice at the closed. The Government of the Ministry of Construction has made a short step to shorten the many necessary steps to restore the real estate market in the most difficult period, enough to affirm that this humanitarian policy really goes to life, helping to realize the dream of settling poor people; Real estate market recovery thanks to "leverage" policy.
"Social Development is a long-term program and will contribute significantly to the housing needs of middle-income and TNT people. The development of socialism is necessary not only for central agencies but also for important role of local, enterprises and people's responsibility as well as the entry of credit institutions to create capital for housing development ".
Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung

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