Service was slow land allocation: Why?    

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Despite many efforts to overcome difficulties and obstacles, but the allocation of land in the local service in the city is still delayed. To complete this task in 2017, city leaders urgently required measures to accelerate land delivery services, reports results each week, each specific job.

On the city area is 590 projects of agricultural land acquisition (land area is 7.518ha) in cases allocated to services to households, the number of households to be allocated is 76 571 household services, area 795,216ha. According to Le Tuan Dinh, deputy director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Hanoi (TN-MT), now the problems related to mechanisms and service allocation policy has basically been resolved, but the allocation of land service was slow.
Results to date 20-2-2017 implementation, land allocation has held only 42.383% service (allocated 218,476ha, with 32 454 households). Some districts implement land allocation services such as Dan Phuong delivered is 2759/3345 households (reaching 82.45%); Thuong Tin district was allocated 1459 / 1,844 households (reaching 79.12%); Ha Dong district allocation is 16 041/27 139 households (reaching 59.11%).
However, some districts have completed land clearance, construction of infrastructure, but the results of allocation services to the people is very low, or no allocation service organization is Thanh Tri, Hoai Duc , Quoc Oai, Me Linh Ung Hoa ...
Talking about the difficulties of this work, representing some counties explained, causes of slow allocation status for civil service are some households do not pay interest for investment in infrastructure; Some households have fixed Lot transplant, but no records for review; Some households have a single object inconsistency documented transplant.
Vu Ngoc Phung, Ha Dong District Chairman stated, although the county has focused solutions drastically accelerate the implementation of the service land, but the proportion allocated countywide services remains low due to some problems as some cases have not approved the standard profile (approximately 2,000 cases), transplantation large batches (about 1,500 cases). Add to that the progress payment infrastructure investment land slow service. In the county there are about 6,000 cases were eligible for approval, has lots to locate plots, but not yet paid.
At briefings online with the district held on 23-2 on this work and to complete the allocation of services to households eligible for the service allocation in 2017, Vice Chairman city ​​People's Committee Nguyen Quoc Hung requirements of districts, towns and allocation services expeditiously and report results each week, each specific job; concurrent with the direction of the unified political system, the unions about the implementation of the tasks allocated services.
For 181,979ha of land completed technical infrastructure, on the basis of land for the beneficiaries of the approved services (27 322 households), proposed DPC Spot direct the organization of land services for households and individuals as prescribed.
For 153,524ha have completed the work of land clearance, but no funding to build infrastructure; 107,814ha of land was decided to land acquisition, but has not allocate funds for site clearance, infrastructure construction, proposed DPC performed under the direction of Document No. 1405 / Committee-NRE (Day 4-3-2014) of the Municipal people's Committee Organization consensus opinion of the people together to fund the budget (the temporary collection) to build technical infrastructure and services allocated to households; Committee reports to the approved city budget as prescribed and to organize the work of site clearance, construction of technical infrastructure in the form of a rolling, carried out off the crossbar for each specific project; or request a loan from the Fund for Investment and Development of the city.
The city also asked excluded from the list of projects to be allocated to service projects that time a decision to withdraw the land subject to allocation services to the people but so far the project has not implemented the work of clearance ...
Thanh Hai (New Hanoi)

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