Resort real estate will continue to accelerate in 2017

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International visitor arrivals are rising strongly motivated real estate market resort development in the past year. This is evidenced by the number of active projects under planning, construction and opening preparation.
It is information given in the report on the real estate market resort Alternaty by consulting firm released on 11/1.
Bất động sản nghỉ dưỡng 2017
In 2017, hotels & resorts market will continue to grow, maybe even acceleration
In 2016, international passengers have increased 26% compared to 2015, thanks to the growth of a number of key markets such as China (up 51%), Korea (+ 39%), Russia (+ 28% ) and Thailand (+ 26%). Japan, the US, Taiwan and Malaysia also rose more than 10%. However, Vietnam still depends largely on four key market sources when the sources of this market accounts for more than half of total passenger traffic. China accounted for 27% of total international visitors, followed by South Korea (15%), Japan (7%) and the US (6%).

According Alternaty, in 2016 the segment resort real estate is not only thriving tourist destination in the familiar but new places are also positive moves such as: Ho Tram, Sapa, Quy Nhon and Cat she, Dong Hoi, ... In the next few years, Vietnam will become a favorite place by the visitors to discover or return to Vietnam when more brands, many new projects joining market at attractive rates.

In Nha Trang, Cam Ranh, and Phu Quoc will receive a huge wave of supply within 2-3 next year. With a growth rate of tourist arrivals significantly, the market is likely out of the state of oversupply. However, investors should not expect the budget and prepare to overcome the difficult period ahead.

M & A activity in the market is still very limited. Many investors are actively looking for projects hotels & resorts but the number of quality projects suitable for investment in the market is not enough to meet the demand.

However, Alternaty expect the market will witness more active M & A taking place in the next few years as there are many new projects will enter the market and some investors of that may have to divest the results initial operations does not meet their expectations.

A highlight in the market recently is the appearance more projects condotel market. Excessive interest of investors for condotel model sparked concern as more and more projects are announced and condotel competing not only in size but also the commitment to profitable levels. Many investors try to attach the name "hotel apartments" for their project because the project is located in the tourist destination that has not devoted enough attention necessary for the operation and management "apartments "as a" hotel ". This really is a concern because in order to meet profit margin was committed, this condotel projects need to achieve business results impressed.

In 2017, hotels & resorts market will continue to grow, maybe even accelerate. However, that market Alternaty has great potential for development, but still many potential risks. Investors need to be careful, not too chasing market trends because of this trend can only be successful in some cases, at some given moment.

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