Real estate sales up 60.5%

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According to MPI, in November 1977, there were nearly 11,000 newly established enterprises.
The number of enterprises concentrates mainly on such industries as: wholesale; retail; repair, automobile and motorbike have 41,627 enterprises, accounting for 35.9%; Processing and manufacturing industry has 14,846 enterprises, accounting for 12.8%; There were 14,695 enterprises, accounting for 12.7%; science and technology; consulting services, design; advertising and other professional has 8.663 enterprises, accounting for 7.5% ...
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The increase in the number of enterprises shows that the wholesale sector; retail; Motorcycle and motorbike repairs have the highest number of registered enterprises compared to the whole country. However, in terms of the rate of business increase compared to the same period in 2016, the real estate industry has the highest rate of 60.5 %. New registered capital in the first 11 months of the real estate industry is also the most, up to 314.266 billion, accounting for 27.8% of the total registered capital of the country. Next comes the wholesale; retail; Repair of automobiles and motorbikes: VND 182,021 billion, accounting for 16.1%; VND 155,292 billion, accounting for 13.7%; Processing and manufacturing industry is 134,072 billion VND, accounting for 11.8%; electricity, water and gas distribution reached VND 63,148 billion, accounting for 5.6%.

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