Real estate market slowdown is the ideal time to buy a home?

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In 2017 the market is expected to be more difficult and customers have too many choices so this will be the best time to buy a home. That is the assessment of experts at the seminar Buying trend in 2017 held in HCM City this morning.

Real estate investment is still preferred over gold, securities, gold savings, downtoldness, over 5% interest rate, and unattractive bank deposits. The stock market is more risky and difficult to attract new people. Therefore, in 2017, the real estate market still attracts many individual investors but there will be strong divisions. The market will not have a clear trend, but based on the investor, location and product niche, the opportunity will come under each specific project.

Financial expert Dinh The Hien said, real estate market this year will face some difficulties. Accordingly, the time when the real estate market is vibrant because the State has injected a large amount of money into the market. The state will not have no big stimulus package this year. Therefore, the real estate market this year does not fluctuate but focus on a number of projects such as resort segment, middle apartment ... with good projects for consumers.

As a business person, Deputy General Director Him Lam Land, Ngo Quang Phuc said that the real estate market is now very harsh. The competition among investors is very harsh due to the large supply on the market. In the face of this development, consumers are benefiting enormously, as all investors know that in the same segment, if the investment is less than the competition, that is, the competitive advantage, the speed of sale. And the liquidity of the project will decrease immediately.

According to Phuc, in 2017, real demand remained stable and tended to increase, but the growth rate was not so great. For example, this year, the demand for real estate is about 100,000 units, the next year only increase at 120,000 units, can not increase to 1 million units and by 2018 will be 150,000 ... Phuc said that demand This is the correct measure of the market next year, but can not rely on the demand of secondary investors, surfing (speculation).
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2017 is forecast to be a good time to buy a home

Tran Khanh Quang, a professional real estate consultant - General Director of Viet An Hoa Real Estate Investment Consultancy Company, has a viewpoint that the real estate market in 2017 will shift to quality rather than quantity. Products offered to sell will be less, the land in the West and the South investment will be more profitable, 2 billion townhouses still attract customers, low price apartments under 1.5 billion is still the choice. place.

Mr. Quang emphasized: "But, most of the customers are worried about the right time to buy a house? Based on where to buy the least risky project, how legal the project how ...? To select quality housing products in the "brass mixed current" time?

Given the answer to the above questions, Mr. Phuc said that as if the grandparents said to buy the best, "eye contact, hand touch, smell nose, taste mouth. Therefore, to know if a project is good or not, customers have to see firsthand. "Going to the place to find information is the most lively visual way to help each customer choose not the wrong investor or housing project," Phuc said.

Financial expert - bank Nguyen Tri Hieu said that when buying a home, customers always have the psychological behavior in the crowd without understanding the standard information. At present, the market is overbought, tilted to the high-end segment, while the demand is very high but very few products are affordable. This is the time when customers should buy a home because there are many choices, but customers need to know how to verify the information, products have real value to the market and not be "blow" up too high prices.

Expert Nguyen Tri Hieu also said that customers should pay attention to the project has guaranteed, and at the same time, the investor must notify customers about the bank guarantee project. If the owner does not provide project guarantee documents, the customer must review the purchase of future homes.

Mr. Hieu emphasized: "In the US, there is a lot of information related to the capacity of the investor, but Vietnam does not have much information that leads to many difficulties for customers in finding accurate information on energy. In sum, the guarantee is necessary to protect the interests of consumers, because only so the conditions of debt, disability carry will no longer occur. half".
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