Real estate market in 2018: Still cheap house khan?

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Real estate market forecasts in 2018, experts say that the market will develop better than 2017 because of the bubble, the price ... will not happen and the market is still developing towards sustainability. However, there is no fear of the market still imbalance of supply - demand when not seeing a lot of cheap housing projects, especially social housing next to a series of medium - high housing projects. Level is consecutive "burst".
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According to experts, the real estate market should focus on developing many low-cost housing projects. Illustration

Supply - demand balance

In particular, the segment of resort tourism has the strongest growth in 2017 with many large investment projects in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Quang Ninh.

This segment of investors will continue to be attractive in 2018 as tourism growth in recent years in Vietnam is quite high (30-40%) and the future can continue. increase.

This is especially true when there are many large-scale investment projects in areas with high tourism potential, such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang. Especially, in the coming time, there are three special zones The economy is likely to resort to growing stronger. This is the premise for Vietnam tourism towards becoming the spearhead.

However, the shortcomings of the real estate market in 2017 are over supply, lack of information, lack of supply of commercial houses and social housing continues to be a problem in the market in 2018 and need to work. More to this array of houses.

Explaining the situation, experts Dang Hung Vo said: One of the reasons that the segment of affordable housing and social housing will continue to flourish in 2018 is not a package of incentives to stimulate both supply and demand for this segment. Meanwhile, the supply of medium and high priced housing is far outpacing demand.

On the other hand, the Law on Housing has opened wide for foreigners to buy and sell real estate, but in fact the attractiveness of foreigners to market is not high.

Also commented on the supply of low-cost housing, social housing is low, representatives of enterprises who have participated in the construction of this type of housing said that the project of medium- or cheap housing projects, social housing when the implementation will require land conditions, mechanisms and policies, the investment process of construction is almost the same, only large or small scale. Due to the same investment process but the profit of cheap housing is not equal to the middle and high-end apartment so the investors are not salty, leading to the fact, the number of investors choose the segment of cheap housing is not much Meanwhile the demand of the market is very large.

2018 is also the year witnessed the shift of investment direction of construction enterprises. Real estate investors may change their investment portfolio, change their investment strategy and not choose Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as their main investment destination because of their near saturation in the high price segment. and advanced. They will choose the investment area for new projects with more open and open investment policies and more convenient transportation infrastructure, such as the border areas where international trade is concentrated, The resort or special economic zones such as Phu Quoc, Van Don ...

Pay more attention to affordable housing development

Addressing the problem of cheap housing at the first annual Vietnam Real Estate Forum held in mid-November 1977, Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha said that the forecast for 2018 Real estate market has no signs of big changes, however, at present, the real estate market still has some manifestations such as: Real estate investment sources are not diversified. Although real estate has been adjusted step by step but not reasonable and not strictly controlled, surplus in some high-end real estate but lack of social housing, commercial low price. Some businesses focus on high-end real estate, resort but not interested in the segment of affordable housing, affordable housing, rental housing, social housing. Therefore, in the coming time, the real estate market should focus on developing more affordable housing projects to meet the increasing demand of people ...

Although giving a good view on the real estate market as the market has been more stable in terms of price, transaction ... But experts also warned, the market wants to continue to maintain the transaction level In the near future, investment projects should continue to be implemented in the interest of low-cost commercial houses, which are in high demand and in good liquidity.

Recognizing the fact that, on the market today, the proportion of affordable apartments compared to high-end apartments are extremely low only about 20%. This is the reason that many projects worth from 1 to 2 billion are very good liquidity in the real estate market last time. Therefore, many experts also expect, this segment of pocket money will continue to flourish in the coming time, especially in 2018 ...

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