Real estate: loans to buy housing will increase sharply

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In recent years, the demand for apartments for living still dominate the real estate market. Clients want to buy apartments mostly young people, with regular jobs with low and medium income (from 5-15 million per month).

According to bank experts, among them, up to 80% of customers have demand for loans at 30-70% of the total value of real estate to buy. And the amount of loans will increase sharply when the real estate market has a good supply, diversified housing segments meet the needs of customers.
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Actual statistics show that 80% of customers have a demand for loans at 30 - 70% of the total value of the property to buy.

In fact, the demand for personal loans for home buyers is real and growing due to demographic change and strong urbanization.

According to Sabbir Ahmed, Country Manager, Personal Financial Services and Asset Management, HSBC Vietnam: In South East Asia, including Vietnam, thanks to vibrant economic development, Grow faster than house prices. Good wage growth coupled with relatively high housing prices may provide better home buying opportunities for young people.

Some people decide to buy a home before or immediately after marriage. While others choose to rent or live with their parents to increase savings on their dream home.

Whatever choice you choose, it is important for homeowners to have a clear financial plan, such as saving on their first payment when buying a home; Find out what the competitive homebuyer loan package can help them pay for the remaining costs; Budget higher than house price to buy; Consider cutting spending per day for home purchase goals ...

In addition, customers need to have an overview of their financial status, as home loans are part of a long-term financial plan, not a one-off deal. Different home loans will suit different conditions and financial needs. Consequently, customers need advice from financial experts to make sure they have the right choice ...

Some real estate experts said that the real estate sector has grown stably in 2016 thanks to the good absorption of the market, the construction activities are happening and the psychology of customers gradually improved.

In the early months of 2017, different views were made when assessing supply in the market. In particular, the report "Savills Real Estate Market III / 2017" shows that HCMC apartment market has nearly 4,700 apartments offered, down 16.5% compared with the first quarter of 2016 and decreased. To 51% compared to the fourth quarter of 2016.

Contrary to Ho Chi Minh City, the number of openings and apartment supply in Hanoi skyrocketed. In the first quarter of 2017, more than 6,800 apartments were offered for sale, 1.7 times higher than the same period last year. In 2016 but down 22% from the fourth quarter of 2016.

The volume of open sales from the first quarter of 2016 to the end of the first quarter 2017 Nam Tu Liem, Ha Dong, Hoang Mai, Thanh Xuan are the areas with the highest market share of about 3,000 to 7,300 units per district. Expected, in 2017, about 40,800 apartments will enter the market ...

The Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL) Vietnam Real Estate Market Research Report (JLL) in the first quarter of 2017 also showed that both HCMC and Hanoi markets recorded activity. Dynamic sales and sales force.

New sales are recorded in many districts in both cities and in all market segments. Supply continued to meet with high sales.

Selling prices continue to trend on a large scale, along with better improvements in infrastructure and rapid growth in recent quarters of the retail market.

This will create more opportunities to meet the needs of different financial capacity of customers and the market is expected to achieve good growth in the next quarters. Demand for affordable housing will increase demand for home loans as banks remain one of the most important sources of financial aid in the market.

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