Real estate investment methods bring happiness

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In the world, the increasing instability and instability of political regimes, climate change, or economic resources have prompted many investors to seek answers to the question: What set real estate value?
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Almost every social class has a different valuation method for financial statistics such as GDP per capita, stock price chart, or currency value calculation. . However, as these indicators fluctuate, individuals on the real estate floor look for investment opportunities as much as they realize they have long-term value, clarity or more.

Bhutan is the first country to use the resident quality assessment method. King Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck gave the GNH a measure of happiness in general. Accordingly, the GNH rating is considered to be better than just the economic growth index.

According to the World Happiness Report, a survey opened in 2012, the team questioned people in 155 countries and territories based on multiple criteria such as the level of satisfaction and quality of the interview. living. Although the high-ranking countries such as Norway, Finland and Denmark have high GDP figures, in practice people in these countries think that it is the security and comfort factor that helps them to gain access. so on the charts. The results show that countries with developed economies are more satisfied with their lives. Although each investment method is likely to increase or decrease, real estate is viewed as the longest pathway in financial circulation. The fast-changing region of Asia - where individual or even government-style currencies are likely to change momentarily, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok are seen as potential destinations. High risk but less risk.

Mark Clifford, CEO of the Asian Business Association, said: "It's not just about building our strategy and letting it work. We are moving from a sellers market, a supply to a new market - where there will be more sellers, more options and more potential. "

Look around
One of the quickest ways to get back your money is to get around. When the government levies tax on the upgrading of technical infrastructure in the city, the owners of land are often benefited from this. An office in Singapore offers an average of $ 13,748 per square meter (based on 2016 World Real Estate Trends statistics), which allows you to navigate through one of the major road systems. in the world, as well as on the road or sidewalk. In a world where connectivity prevails, it is understandable to have to pay a small fee to be able to easily move into the city center.

Return to nature
At present, urban networks in Asia tend to grow densely; finding green spaces becomes an important factor with increasing levels of quality of life. The appearance of green spaces is effective for health, reducing the risk of obesity, especially the two diseases: cardiovascular disease and diabetes (according to the WHO report). . It even enhances the human imagination. "Humans tend to connect more closely to nature at any time," said Philip Cox, Landscape Architect Australia, cox owner, who is responsible for the Public Project in Asia. tell me when. Nature is the heart of quality of life. You can choose to live near the city park or stay close to the sea during the weekend. Placement of real estate is an important factor to improve the level of satisfaction and uplifting. "

Seeking special pleasures
One of the liveliest lifestyles in the restaurant-hotel market in Asia is the high-end comfort that suits the rooms in the suburban villas and neighborhoods. At highly valued locations, investors are eager to find fitness centers with state-of-the-art equipment, large swimming pools with access to the corridor for sunbathing, and even The gardens are also designed by internationally renowned landscape architects. In theory, gyms and swimming pools can be found anywhere, but it is difficult to put them in harmony with the design of the housing.

Desire to achieve standards
High standards help the restaurant-hotel service industry to develop sustainably for many years, especially in Asia. Although many association societies have been personalized, care services in 5-star resorts and hotels are attentive, people around these areas are beginning to have a clearer understanding. between the cleaning staff and the hotel concierge, between the employer and the employee. The acquisition of a luxury hotel, customers will always be assured of security services, thanks to the 24-hour security team and high-tech surveillance system, as well as friendly environment and staff. polite

"Asia is an extremely attractive destination for the upstream segment, but the market is still under-developed," said Chris Delaney, chief executive of Sunplay Asia. However, on the issue of security, the ability to attract investment, and the selection of high quality services, Asia is always the best market and the most rewarding. "

Look beyond 4 walls
When entering the real estate market, the old mantra is often repeated: "Location, location and location." At the same time, it is difficult to determine the value of the property, the area around the hotel will be affected quite seriously, especially the orientation of residents living here.

No individual can stay indoors forever, that is why cinemas, museums, exhibitions, restaurants, night markets and cultural fairgrounds are open. Kent Wertime, co-founder of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific said: "People need to be entertained. What they seek is not only luxurious life, courtesy but also comfort, relaxation. If you are a parent, you will seek education-related activities, if you are a single adult, you want to live in cities of high intellectual standards. "

Opportunity to invest in the eastern waters of Thailand
From the paradise islands of the Andaman Sea to the lively east coast, Thailand is considered an attractive destination for Asian investors in the resort. Nowadays, many wealthy investors seek not only luxury properties, but also the need for comfortable services, along with modern lifestyle packages.

Whether it's sports or fitness, personal development or health, relaxation or fun, Sunplay Bangsaray - an active lifestyle community with over 50 locations in the Eastern Seaboard, It will provide a wide range of options, working with a wide range of modern equipment. Inside the Sunplay Club is equipped with high-end facilities such as gyms, yoga, and large free-form swimming pools.

Bangsaray is a truly ideal destination, opening up diverse activities for people with water sports and traditional activities. The area has 10 golf courses, as well as plenty of other options such as sailing, biking, running or walking.

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