Real estate inventories fell sharply

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The department of housing and real estate market, taking into account the time of day 20.2.2017, the total value of real estate inventory to around 29 573 billion, down 98 975 billion, corresponding to 76.99% compared to quarter 1/2013.

Thus, after almost 4 years since the peak inventory in quarter 1/2013, the real estate market has solved more than 3/4 of the inventory.

Show the total value of inventories in Vietnam to about 5,518 billion, down 283 billion compared to May 12/2016. Inventories on Hanoi to about 5538 billion, down 52 billion compared to March 12/2016.
ton kho bat dong san
But despite reduced inventory of real estate transactions successfully in the first 2 months in 2017 also decreased. Illustration
Experts said that real estate stocks focused mostly land in outlying projects without adequate infrastructure. Along with that, the amount of real estate transactions successfully in the first 2 months in 2017 also decreased due to the Lunar New Year holiday period is long and often the mentality of buyers leveled off in the early years.

Market watchers in the first two months 2017 can be seen, in contrast to open military phenomenon massively sold in 2015 to 2016, the year the real estate business seems to be more cautious when near the end of January that market almost pretty quiet, open quantity marketed primarily located in the project opened in 2016 to sell and still continue to sell products next tranche.

Talking to the writer, the general director of a company specializing in the distribution of high-end product lines in the city said, despite the opening and semi-open restaurant on the 10th Festival, but the only current operation stopped back in the sale of the old basket, by the beginning of March to beginning formal "military" heavily.

According to this position, the reason to wait until the moment is because the market has undergone a long Tet holiday, home buyers are still exploration and selection, to the end of January, the market really moving .

Meanwhile, representatives of the investors said, the information real estate market has signs of slowing down in 2016 and the phenomenon of phase supply and demand, especially in the segment of high-end real estate section any impact of the sale plan for investors. It seems every business are more cautious in launching products because we have to take a small quantity to probe the reaction of the market as well as the "shop" other competitors to be able to offer sales policy fit.

According to Ms. Duong Thuy Dung, director of the market research department of CBRE Vietnam, the market in 2017 is expected to focus more on market share and intermediate affordable. Domestic investors and venture firms are actively adjusted its project to fit with the market trend.

However, rising interest rates, Circular 36 was adopted and the termination of the support package to buy houses worth 30,000 billion dong would likely reduce demand and sold at the rate of medium and high-end segment.


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