Real damage increases when the price of land to the county district?

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Information suburban districts of Binh Chanh, Hoc Mon, Nha Be District is planned to be for will impact the price of land in these areas. To bad things happen?
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Information coastal districts are planning to not significantly impact the district land prices

Information is only potential

Immediately after the news about the city such as coastal district of Binh Chanh, Nha Be, Hoc Mon District may be planning to have appeared many predictions about massive wave of investment and push housing prices of the area this hot sauce. However, the actual survey of reporters, the price of land in these zones is increased, mainly due to market factors, infrastructure development information to the county also has yet to have much impact.

At scale land projects over 80 hectares located on Trinh Quang Nghi (Binh Chanh district) has completed the synchronization of infrastructure, some utilities such as schools, sports is being built. According to a broker here said, depending on the soil townhouses or villas that have different prices. With the city land located approximately 12m street frontage with 100m2 of being sold $ 15 million / m2. The time of about 3 months before the Lunar New Year this price approximately 13.5 million / m2.

According to staff, this is the price of land rose by infrastructure projects are completed, the number of buyers in the increasingly crowded. Information also will be to Binh Chanh District is only potential form no impact on the selling price.

Surveys in the area of ​​Vinh Loc B Commune, Vinh Loc A Binh Chanh district recorded a high land price fluctuations. A piece of land for sale located in Vo Van Van (Vinh Loc B) has an area of ​​4x40m with $ 4.5 billion, can be negotiated. According deposit broker said this land, before Tet Lot for sale, but the price is about 4.3 billion years, the home first raised 4.5 billion. The cause may be due to price hike path Vo Van Van is undergoing renovations near completion.

According to brokers, the regional land prices are rising for about 2 years. The number of transactions, as well bustling deposit than before. Every day the average person transfers from 4 to 5 passengers asked to buy the land.

According to this position, the reason why the price of land is increasing due to factors the market is good, but not the infrastructure development of the information affected land to the county district as speculation.

At Nha Be district, the area adjacent to the District 7 connected to the city center with large roads such as Nguyen Huu Tho, Le Van Luong Huynh Tan Phat ... Selling prices in this area are increasing but mainly thanks on the development of infrastructure, especially inherited infrastructure utility's senior Phu My Hung urban area.

Caution blowing price

Contact with us, he said, a perennial stork land in Vinh Loc B Commune region said cheerfully, he walked into a ground for a client for $ 1.4 billion. "I bought this piece of land 1 billion 30 million, 100 million new money, but her husband have acquired for $ 1.4 billion to the pile, I always," Dung said.

According to Dung, the reason for being "pieces bargain" This is because he knows how to look at the land and know how to talk to people to buy. Piece of land with full documentation, located frontage road will be expanded in the future, should be able to trade it easier to accept.

Know we have needs Dung recommend buying land, if not sophisticated, you should buy land with a clear certificate safety, should not touch the ground soil handwritten manuscript although much cheaper. Mr Dung made us take a piece of land located in the area 5x20m alley, behind the Female Population Public Market. "This piece of land is located near markets, schools, about 700 million sale price, but I can intervene to ease to around 680 million. After completing the paperwork for the transfer of residential to make sure the price is not less than 1 billion, "Dung said.

Enquire the county district on the outskirts will, Dung said, this information is long and not now appear. Though not know exactly when, but definitely will on the county district, then land prices will be much higher.

CEO of a real estate company, said that the land price fluctuations after the information on planning, infrastructure construction project or something that is understandable. However, buyers need to weigh carefully, to avoid sticking to the virtual rush by speculators, land brokers created. One of the lessons learned is that the area in Nhon Trach, Binh Duong New City ... had a fever on land prices but then again become a quagmire for investors.

According to Le Hoang Chau, chairman of HCM City Real Estate Association, the districts such as Binh Chanh, Hoc Mon, Nha Be District will be planned to be in line with the evolution of the city. However, this is not an overnight thing, but also the process, depending on the timing and other factors to the city's approval.


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