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The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) officially rejected the proposed extension of 30.000 billion disbursed assistance package of social housing of HCMC Real Estate Association, while continuing mechanism remains in place on paper, though has been in force for over a year.
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Preferential loans clogged because no capital

Recently, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has written guidance construction industry restructuring real estate markets (real estate), associated with the implementation of the National Housing Strategy, in which the emphasis is on promoting social housing development.
Direction of the Deputy Prime Minister was made in the context of home buyers anxious because policies for housing loans in effective social than a year, but has not been implemented.
Specifically, according to Decree No. 100/2015 / ND-CP dated 10/20/2015 on the development of social housing management, with effect from the end of 2015, the ministries and the Bank of Social Policy responsible for research, layout and deploy capital to lend. But so far, people still can not access these funds.
Mr. Nguyen Van Ly, deputy director of the Social Policy Bank admits, so far, the authorities still can not arrange capital, so banks can not lend.
Confirm the above problems, the central bank said that the agency has designated four commercial banks lending and guiding circulars issued preferential loans for the implementation of social housing policy to the bank facility deployment. However, the main problem is not the capital budget.
"Banks are ready designated lending, but lending is difficult because not arrange budget for the implementation of social housing policy under Decree No. 100/2015 / ND CP.
In the opinion of the authorities, the main reason for not balancing the budget layout is due to the state budget is facing a lot of difficult, very difficult to allocate funds to implement the program. No list of planned medium-term investment for the implementation of Decree No. 100/2015 / ND-CP, "the central bank said the representative.
According to information of the State Bank, the Prime Minister is still drastically implementing this program, so lending banks next time will be made when the budget layout.
Requiring the mobilization of resources to support the development of social housing

In the opinion of experts, in the last 2 years, the property market recovery, yet there are signs of phase, with the middle housing segment - a large proportion of high-end and signs of speculation, the virtual bridge . Meanwhile, the number of social housing projects modest investment by the enterprises concerned, partly because not many preferential policies.
The Ministry of Construction said that new social housing to meet the needs of nearly 30%. However, for now dare to invest in this segment, it is necessary to have policies encouraging for both commercial and home buyers, especially loan policies.
Indeed, social housing support in the task of fiscal policy. Last time, in order to support businesses and help revive the real estate market, the central bank has issued short-term credit package size 30.000 billion housing support.
However, in order to serve the social housing program national level, there should be in the budget, the allocation of medium and long term.
Currently, the Office of the Government has assigned the Ministry of Finance announced the research chair formed a number of financial institutions such as savings funds, real estate investment funds, real estate trust fund ... to mobilize sources force, creating capital and long-term for the property market, in order to gradually reduce dependence on bank credit.
Earlier, the central bank also enables credit institutions and branches of foreign banks use short-term funding to medium and long term for the property market, but the rate of lending is gradually shrinking.
Reportedly, the Ministry of Planning and Investment is working with ministries additional support programs of social housing on a priority list to use public investment budget medium-term period 2016 - 2020, for concessional lending funds for development projects of social housing in accordance with the law on housing.

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