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The enterprise business real estate will face difficulties in accessing loans from banks, while the rate prescribed short-term capital for long-term loans adjusted from 60% to 50% and the ratio business risks of real estate shall be increased from 150% to 200% is applied.
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Banks restrict lending real estate business.
Enterprises in difficulty
Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh, General Director of Group L & L, said the "tightening" of credit took place from 2016, banks (NH) "strangle" especially with the real estate (real estate), intermediate and advanced. Currently the majority of the capital was raised from customers, but from bank loans disbursed almost difficult. "The enterprise (company) Small, individual customers to buy real estate loan is less affected than large enterprises but, previously corporation mainly loans to buy land, it did not borrow again, NH is only solution funding for construction ", Mr. Minh said.
Leaders of a real estate company or record bad for the company's loans from 6 months to submit the bank has not yet been approved. "Previously, companies only need to submit documents at the bank branches, if feasible, the branch lending always. And now, the borrower's records must be submitted to the headquarters DN NH, records review process awful but also very difficult to get loans. That is why companies turn to raise capital by issuing local bonds and stocks. Expected this year the company will borrow money to buy a number of projects, some land but due to banks tightening credit to companies trapped capital, no money to buy the project anymore, "laments this position.
Project owners in the South HCMC sizable lying blanket several years worried when BIDV bank loan application sent a long undisbursed back. According to company management, the loan application was submitted more than a year ago, he has also repeatedly explain the headquarters of the business plan, plans to implement the project back quite feasible but still soak forever undisbursed. While assets "bury" almost all in the project, the interest rate makes native companies more difficult.
"We are very impatient when every day looking building was almost complete but can not deploy again. We just approved a capital little more bait is finished. When there is money to hire contractors, customers see new projects implemented assured purchase. If banks are not lending, the Department of growing debt. VN real estate market currently relies heavily on bank credit as other funding sources are not developed. The credit squeeze too hands will strangle the market, affecting the entire economy, "confided this position.
Bank "strangle" records
Many months ago, the NH sifted through records for real estate loans. Earlier, the central bank has written to remind the banks to strengthen risk control in credit operations with the real estate sector, especially in real estate investing, check credit level for investors large, new investors, especially owners of commercial housing project advanced, the resort ...
Le Quang Trung, deputy general director of the International Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VIB), admitted to draw lessons from the previous year loan, the banks are now "hands" when implementing real estate lending business, especially the new regulations on safety ratios in banking activities since early applied.
According to Trung, 06 Circular, amending and supplementing some articles of Circular 36 provides for the limitation, the rate of safety in the operation of credit institutions and branches of foreign banks with 2 points far more important is the ratio of short-term capital for long-term loans are adjusted from 60% to 50% and the proportion of real estate risk is increased from 150% to 200%. These banks have hit the ceiling rate short-term loan capital will have to consider the long-term, project selection loans, which have increased the bank did not even raise long-term capital for lending.
"With the risk ratio increased real estate business such as lending bank real estate business, increasing risk ratio. Formerly NH 2 contracts in real estate lending, now lending only 1.5 contract. 0.5 VND lending difference is the opportunity cost bank loans will have to decide whether or not the real estate business. If banks continue to lend real estate, lending rates had to increase the cost increase. NH also transfer this capital to lend other areas, low-risk ratio so banks will weigh more, "Trung said.
Tien Phat Tu, Deputy General Director of Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), the information "no agenda ACB stop real estate loans, banks have annual loan limit for this customer. But from the beginning of the year, the bank focused disbursed loans for old records, undisbursed loan for the new record. "
The reason for this situation, according to Mr. Phat, the proportion of short-term capital mobilization for long-term loans of the banks present at high levels. "Taste" real estate loans selected ACB is investor or property businesses have relationships from previous transactions; the real estate projects are not too high price segment, there is liquidity in the market, matching buyers of residential properties; Then the project size from 1,000 billion.
 Many banks raises the profile criteria for real estate loans more cautious. VIB consideration such as real estate projects implementers capable or not; financing of projects like this, which does not use financial leverage; the attractiveness of real estate products in the market; price competitive products or not ... Mr. Le Quang Trung comment lending in the real estate business will be harder next time, as well as the lending rate will increase real estate trend.
It is for real estate companies, also for individual customers to buy housing loans, said Xu Tien Phat banks have programs to attract this customer base. From the beginning of the year, the volume of individual clients mortgage net upward trend in the structure of personal consumption loans.
Nguyen Hoang Minh, deputy director of the SBV HCM City branch, said banks more cautious lending and real estate loans to customers shifting to individuals wishing to purchase more land, as well as the concentration of capital business loan or more priority areas. Therefore, the proportion of real estate loans to total outstanding loans of the banks tend to reduce, as of 2016 decreased 2%, about 10% of total outstanding loans.
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