Proper planning but wrong implementation: Bad implications for urban

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Sometimes, proper planning is not respected. A number of reasons have been cited for adjustment and non-compliance with the planning that left negative implications for the city.
At the conference of the construction industry earlier this year, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung pointed out: "We are very short of the role of conductor, a foreman in the field of urban management."

Lack of connectivity

Four years ago, there were regulations on Urban Management and Development Board to assist local authorities in planning urban development as planned.

From that, the implementation and management of that development area, both State and non-State resources, ensure the connection of infrastructure and the close co-operation between the contractors. But in reality, the implementation is not fierce and embarrassing.

Emphasizing the lack of a conductor, the foreman in the field of urban management, Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung said that this comes from urban planning but lack planning implementation.Therefore, in many urban areas there is a great investment in housing development in large cities but not strictly controlled so it is easy to lead to investment status by movement; Created a "bubble" real estate, Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

For example, the Capital Construction Master Plan is the first one directed by the Politburo of the Politburo and approved by the Prime Minister, but the work that has not yet been done is causing great urgency to the people, which still happens daily, such as congestion Traffic, floods in the rainy season, ultra-thin houses-distortion, overloaded high-rise buildings in the urban ...

Tran Trong Tuan, Director of Ho Chi Minh City's Construction Department commented that the inadequacies between housing development and technical infrastructure in urban areas are due to housing development.

Many projects have been approved and announced, but projects and works for urban development, especially technical infrastructure and social infrastructure, have not kept up. Even though there is a connection between the works but not yet in accordance with the Law on Construction, it is necessary to connect synchronously and unanimously. There are synchronous connections that meet the requirements but there is no consistency between housing norms with the target of technical infrastructure, urban development ...

To overcome this bottleneck, large cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi should complete the program of housing development on the basis of urban development program to overcome inadequate traffic, technical infrastructure Currently, Tuan proposed. According to Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha, in 2017, the Ministry of Construction will implement the direction of the Prime Minister, will review and inspect the planning and implementation of planning of all urban areas throughout. Country; Especially the large urban areas to ensure the quality of the urban management under planning.

This is also the reason for the need to improve the institution to the urban development law as well as urban planning, creating a clear management tool for planning implementation as well as planning adjustment.

Linh Dam Urban Area (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) is typical of being adjusted many times leading to the destruction of planning and causing urgent public opinion in the capital.

Many architects, planners expressed regret about a space is planning quite "standard" of Linh Dam more than a decade ago. However, after many planning adjustments, the area has been "crushed," especially in recent years.

On an area of ​​approximately 3 hectares of land has grown to 12 high-rise buildings of the private construction company No. 1 Dien Bien (Muong Thanh Group) with a construction density of up to 50%, completely disrupted Landscape architecture throughout the region.

Recently, public opinion is "hot" when Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company, the unit assigned by the city to renovate Thanh Cong apartment, has proposed to upgrade the apartment building and get one The area of ​​Thanh Cong lake for resettlement in place.

According to Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company, the area covered to build a resettlement house will be reimbursed for the new project. This enterprise believes that the park and Thanh Cong lakes will be properly repaid within the allocated planning boundaries, ensuring the rate of urban greenery and water in accordance with the zoning plan.

Thus, in fact, the water surface is completely unchanged from the old area, while exploiting the landscape of Thanh Cong Lake for the area is much more effective by linking lake park with the community. Urban dwelling.

The idea is also considered as a new way of doing things, but public opinion is doubtful. According to the calculations, the cost from the proposed research to construction will increase a lot compared to the traditional way. The reason for the business to bear such high costs is still questionable.
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On this issue, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen The Hung acknowledged, there are suggestions that even the city can not resolve. It is proposed to take one hectare of Thanh Cong Lake for resettlement, to serve the people and also the benefit of the business. But whether the city dared to eradicate planning this area and the owner has digged the lake as promised ...

Standing at the expert level, Mr. Dao Ngoc Nghiem - Vice Chairman of Hanoi Architectural Planning and Urban Planning Association confirmed that this proposal does not follow the planning. The solution "fill" this place, "hack" the other does not take into account the overall planning, nor follow the general planning.

The new business offers a balanced water surface but does not take into account the link to the surrounding infrastructure. New businesses calculate their benefits faster, so is not, Mr. Dao Ngoc Nghiem straight.

Need a smooth combination

According to the Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha, those affected by the master plan are people and businesses. However, the decision to adjust the planning is not in their decision.

In large cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, if the enterprise complies with the planning and selects an investment plan in an urban area in accordance with the approved planning, Traffic jam, traffic jam as today, Minister Pham Hong Ha questioned.

However, it can not be blamed on a few large enterprises as they intentionally apply for adjustment of planning. If a business is "mindful," conscious of building a civilized, modern urban community, it will never make money at all costs to cause negative consequences in the near future.

In fact, it is necessary to consider the role of local government. In case of adjustment of the planning that brings about the consequences, half of errors in the business and half errors in the local government.

If there is no consensus of local authorities and they are not arbitrary, irresponsible, the enterprise can not arbitrarily adjust the planning. This further affirms the role and importance of large enterprises and local authorities in their commitment to compliance with urban planning.

Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Trong Hoa, Institute for Development Studies in Ho Chi Minh City, said that in the past, in many cities, the effectiveness of urban planning in the problem of economic development Urban metropolis is not prominent, even if there is development is unsustainable.

Many urban areas have integrated the planning problem in the overall problem of socio-economic development in urban areas but are still "weak" when developing development plans based on the established scenarios. Projects-planning projects.

Therefore, urban development plans built in the current practice are often only "patches" of projects where the State has sufficient funds to invest, or investors want to implement. For their own benefits, Dr. Nguyen Trong Hoa pointed out.

The planning of urban development has been, but often is, driven by continuous adjustment, no longer a plan. This way of managing urban development has diminished the effectiveness of planning, influencing the problem of urban development.

In order for urban planning work to have a positive impact-synchronous with socio-economic development, it is necessary to pay attention to the construction of the project-planning system accordingly; A reasonable urban development plan must be based on the resources that can be controlled in the future.

Beyond all levels of government must manage urban development in an "open-minded" and accountable. The world's sustainable development must respect these golden rules, said Dr. Nguyen Trong Hoa.

Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha said that, on the one hand, it should continue to improve the institutions serving the management of urban development better and on the other hand, , Supported by ministries, sectors as well as local businesses and people.

Each small plan, chaired by the Ministry of Construction, participates and contributes opinions of many concerned ministries and especially localities-beneficiaries. If all ministries, branches and localities have the responsibility to study carefully and make the right contributions, the quality of the planning will be much better, the construction industry head assured.

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