Promote real estate loans: Prevent bad debt risk

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According to experts of the economy, real estate in addition to foreign capital is and will continue to "support" the real estate market development, the domestic capital is still the project investors and buyers of housing. toothpick. This capital is also considered the main force when there is more than 50% of loans from banks for real estate purchase.
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Credit institutions have been offering a number of preferential policies to attract customers who are in demand.

Bank capital for real needs

Statistics show that the deposit rates in the four major banks account for more than 50% of deposit mobilization in Viet Nam (Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV and Agribank). trade, the more the deposit interest rates in the market are stable and orientation for interest rates in the market.

Along with that, the Prime Minister's approval of the scheme of restructure the system of credit institutions, coupled with the handling of bad debts for 2016-2020 period on July 19, Reduce costs, thereby reducing lending rates for not only businesses in five priority areas and other areas, including real estate.

Mr. Vu, a specialist in corporate credit department of BIDV Bank, Thang Long Branch, said: Attractive interest rates will help the real estate market recover more strongly as real estate companies themselves operate. Mostly based on bank loans, while homebuyers also have to borrow money, the industry receives double positive effects ...

On the buyer side, the reduction in lending rates will certainly affect the mentality of those with real needs. Representative of Techcombank said that in 2017, the real estate market is forecasted to thrive in the residential and apartment segment for the middle and lower classes. This is also a sustainable segment, the backbone of the real estate market and more than 60% of Vietnam's population needs in this segment. As a result, credit institutions are stepping up their development towards introducing more preferential credit policies in order to attract customers.

In addition, banks have started to associate with many prestigious real estate companies to provide more incentives for customers, real estate prices are also more reasonable, this is the opportunity for individual customers. There is a need to buy a house to live.

Instead of waiting for prices to drop and depositing money into banks for interest rates like before, many will seek out and take advantage of incentives such as: early applicants at projects located Beautiful, reasonable price, even customers only need to pay 30% of the value of the apartment until the receipt of the house to pay enough for the investor. At present, the interest rates offered by banks are quite stable compared to previous years (ranging from 7.5-10%).
No worries bad debt

There are also arguments that, as banks are shaking hands in real estate, making production companies lose access to capital while bad debt is on the rise. By bad debt real estate exists in many forms are very complex, the bank's bad debt picture is slowly improved partly due to the property secured by real estate is not flexible, low liquidity. However, according to economists, there is no need to worry because boosting real estate loans will, to some extent, make bad debt secured by real estate more manageable, of course also need policies. prevent risks and negative aspects.

Concurrent with the point of view, MSc. Nguyen Thanh Tam, lecturer of the Faculty of Economics, National Academy of Public Administration said that the State Bank of Vietnam has issued Circular No. 06/2016 / TT-NHNN. The Circular No. 36/2014 / TT-NHNN, when reducing short-term loans to medium and long-term loans from 60% to 50% from the beginning of 2017, ro for real estate loans from 150% to 200%.

This shows that real estate credit will continue to grow strongly, especially the demand for housing loans of people in the medium and low income segment is still very large. This type of credit if the bank focuses on segmenting individual customers with the need to buy housing and have a good control lending process, still ensure the safety and quality in the loan portfolio of banks. . Real estate loans for housing projects will also be closely monitored for projects with feasible, legal, and reputable investors on the market.

Along with many supportive policies from the government and related functional sectors, the real estate market is expected to grow strongly, stabilize and liquidity is more plentiful in the future.


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